Thursday, January 13, 2022

Introducing Map Data preview for Synapse

This week, we are excited to announce the public preview for Map Data, a new feature for Azure Synapse Analytics and Database Templates! The Map Data tool is a guided process to help users create ETL mappings and mapping data flows from their source data to Synapse lake database tables without writing code. This experience will help you get started with transformations into your Synapse Lake database quickly but still give you the power of Mapping Data Flows.


This process starts with the user choosing the destination tables in Synapse lake databases and then mapping their source data into these tables. We will be following up with a demo video shortly.


The Map Data tool is started from within the Synapse lake database experience. From here, you can select the Map Data tool to begin the process.




You will be able to use a guided approach to define source-to-target mappings between your chosen sources and Lake Database tables.



The Map Data tool will quickly allow you to map your input files and sources to Lake Database tables, generate a mapping data flow, and quickly have data flowing in an easy-to-use experience. Please do share your feedback and we look forward to seeing how we can make things even easier for our community!

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