Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Yammer Festival Recordings and Recap

In December 2021, we partnered with SWOOP Analytics to host our 2021 Yammer Community Festival . We curated and designed this event with and for our customers and for you to learn from each other. Here’s a recap of what transpired.


Fidelity provided practical guidance on the governance model they used for standing up Yammer communities. Comcast shared how they helped their employees understand the important part that Yammer plays in their employee engagement ecosystem (alongside Microsoft Teams). The Home Depot explained how Yammer supports the lives of their firstline store associates. Victoria Police candidly shared how their network provided emotional support to colleagues as they dealt with the tragic suicide of one of their own. These are just a few examples of the compelling stories that were shared. 


We have a variety of recordings of the sessions that answer many questions that you ask us or want to ask of our customers. We’ve broken them up into a few themes , listen to a few or all of them and get ready to take notes!  


Getting started

If you are starting out and just launching your Yammer network, here’s a few sessions that would help set your organization on the right path.



Community Management

Interested in learning more about community management and taking your communities to the next level? Check these sessions out to learn practical tips that you can start right away.


Campaigns and Content

Curious about how to set up a campaign, using strategy and user generated content, these companies share their expertise of what works for creating content using Yammer.



Frontline focus  

Do you have people who are on the front line and looking for more details about how to engage and involve them in your Yammer network? It takes trust and teamwork to help engage this audience, listen to these sessions to learn more about what this looks like.



Yammer Product & Roadmap

Learn more about what’s new and what’s next from our product leadership and teams. Deep dive into the product and find out more about Yammer with these sessions.


We were happy to bring together our passionate global community of customers and based on the registration, turn out, and feedback from this event, we're excited that there is energy to bring this back again next year.


In case you missed any of the sessions, you can watch them here.




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