Saturday, February 19, 2022

Lesson Learned #185: Could not find any endpoints error message using PingFederated

Today, I worked on an interesting service that our customer faced the following error message "Error code 0xA190; state 41360 - Could not find any endpoints." using SqlCmd/ODBC in combination with -G to connect to Azure Active Directory.


We have the following environment:

  • ReadHat Enterprise version 7.9
  • Customer is using a 3rd party tool to validate the users called PingFederated. 


Troubleshooting done:


  • Using other driver JDBC our customer is able to connect. 
  • Using sqlcmd in Windows Operating System is able to connect. 
  • Taking a network trace with tcpdump we were able a connectivity and reset the connection due to this error.
  • Without using PingFederated in Linux using the native Azure Active Directory call the connection is success.


In this such situation, we engaged our colleagues of Azure Product Team lient Tools and they identified an issue with ODBC and Pingfederated that has been resolved in version 17.9+ as you could see in this URLList of bugs fixed - ODBC Driver for SQL Server | Microsoft Docs . Installing, for example, the version 18.0 the issue has been fixed too.




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