Thursday, February 24, 2022

New KUDU UI for App Service on Linux(Preview)

Great news for App Service on Linux users that our KUDU new UI provides [instance selector] feature! 


Unlike Windows App Service, it used to be difficult for App Service on Linux users to make an SSH connection to the intended instance. You might need to handle Session affinity cookie (ARR cookie) or clean up cookies to allow KUDU to randomly choose an instance to attach.


On new UI, you can choose the instance as easy as the App Service on Windows!


[App Service on Linux]



[App Service on Windows]



Access Kudu new UI for your App Service on Linux


️ Warning

**  newui endpoint is only available for App Service on Linux

**  Readers should note that the new UI is still in preview stage, do not use in production environments


App not in Isolated tier: https://<app-name>


Internet-facing app in Isolated tier (App Service Environment): https://<app-name>.scm.<ase-name>


Internal app in Isolated tier (ILB App Service Environment): https://<app-name>.scm.<ase-name>


Sample Image


[New UI for App Service on Linux]



[Original UI for App Service on Linux]




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