Wednesday, February 23, 2022

New transactable offers from Cisco, Kanari AI, and Clockworks Data Innovation in Azure Marketplace

Microsoft partners like Cisco, Kanari AI, and Clockworks Data Innovation B.V. deliver transact-capable offers, which allow you to purchase directly from Azure Marketplace. Learn about these offers below:

Cisco logo.png

Cisco SD-WAN for Azure Virtual WAN: Extend enterprise SD-WAN fabric from your site to Microsoft Azure by deploying the Cisco Catalyst 8000V network virtual appliance in Azure Virtual WAN hubs. It automates Cisco SD-WAN fabric connectivity to Azure Virtual WAN hubs and natively integrates SD-WAN endpoints with Azure Virtual WAN services, providing higher speed and bandwidth.

Kanari AI logo.png

Arabic Speech to Text: Kanari AI's speech recognition platform can detect 19 Arabic dialects in one global model and can process one-hour audio files in less than 30 minutes. Both English and Arabic are recognized in the same sentence. Features include time stamps, sentiment detection, punctuation, real-time and batch processing, and dialectal coverage for 95 percent of the Arabic-speaking market. API access is available upon request.

clockworks logo.png

Blicker: Blicker, an AI-based cloud solution from Clockworks Data Innovation B.V., can accurately read water meters, gas meters, and electricity meters when shown photos of them. This empowers consumers to take meter readings from home in seconds, reducing the need for visits from a technician. Blicker is available as an API and is trusted by many utility and network operation companies around the world.

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