Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Power Apps Community Call – February 2022

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Call Summary:

Topics covered in this month’s community call includes 2 demos:  Make your wishes come true with Power Apps (Good Deeds App - 3 Lists, 3 E-mail addresses and 2 Flows) - Pranav Khurana and Spice up your Power Apps with SVGs (options - ranging from static to interactive - for adding SVG graphics with little code to your Power Apps) - Robin Rosengrün  (EnBW)Recent Power Apps News and Community Contributions (Power Apps and Power Apps Portals code releases and new Dataverse auditing features) – Todd Baginski (Canviz).   ACTION:  Please vote on What to call this call?   This call was hosted by Todd Baginski (Canviz). The call was recorded on February 16, 2022.  Questions addressed in chat throughout the call. 






  • Make your wishes come true with Power Apps – our youngest presenter to date steps through his Good Deeds App that encourages kids to do good deeds, earn points and make wishes come true.  The app uses 3 SharePoint Lists, 3 Email addresses and 2 Power Automate flows.   Presenter steps through information capture in the app’s UI, and through Wish Approval and Wish Submission flows that generate emails to secure/confirm approvals and updates lists.  

  • Spice up your Power Apps with SVGs – with a few lines of code including a SVG text string embedded into your Power Apps.   Six levels of SVG integration.  Insert an image, add SVG to the Power Apps Image Control, add animation (move object using SVG code), use Concat ( ) for interactive maps and charts - click on SVG to get information from an element, and finally drag and drop capabilities.    


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