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Student Ambassador community voices: Just for fun

We engaged in some fun with our Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors and asked them to answer some random, trivial questions about themselves.


Responses have been edited for length and clarity.


Your days have magically increased beyond 24 hours. How do you spend the extra time?


We specifically requested that Student Ambassadors provide answers that didn’t involve technology. Many students indicated that they would spend their extra time with family and friends.


I would watch cartoons with my little sister. I have not done this for a long time and miss those times badly.

-- Lutfa Rahman


A few would read more.


I would like to read about the histories of different regions of the world.

-- Akansha Uniyal


Maybe I would read some spiritual/religious books.

-- Diya Vijay


Several indicated they would practice meditation or go outside and connect with nature more.


I’d love to go outside for a walk, read a book while lying down on the grass, and bask in the sun.

-- Anushka Bhatnagar


I would love to spend time gazing at clouds as it is an excellent way to observe nature, relieve stress, and free your imagination!

--Kanishka Sharma


Sports, exercise, video games, and movies were frequently mentioned, as were hobbies and learning new skills.


Any leisure time indicates only one thing – XBOX time!

--Manab Biswas


I would watch horror movies sitting comfortably in my room with the curtains closed.

--Gayatri Prabhu


I really want to learn filmmaking and classical Indian music.

--Piyush Shahu


I recently started a YouTube Channel. I would spend the extra time doing YouTube.

-- Apurav Santosh Gaware


A few students wanted to spend their extra time helping others.


I would probably open a free class to consult others about college life.

-- Raymond Wangsa Putra


I would spend my extra time helping others, especially those in need. Helping makes me happier and more productive.

--Mitchelle Coleen B. Zarsuela


And lastly, there was one response that surprisingly wasn’t brought up more often among these busy university students!


I would spend more time sleeping.

-- Laurel Eze


What’s the background on your monitor or phone, and what is its significance?

Many Student Ambassadors have landscapes or items from nature on their screens.




Sunsets are a representation of the fact that every day has a happy ending.

-- Ansh Mishra




I love roses because their fragrance enchants my mind and creates a mysterious charm that is hard to find. The beauty of the rose captures my heart and baffles me with their elegance that just their presence can impart. The petals are so tender and sweet, and their delicious flavour is hard to beat. Whether with pearls, diamonds or drops of dew, they are precious ornaments of nature appreciated by few.

--Gayatri Prabhu



Motivational sayings are popular with Student Ambassadors.




I use this to keep myself motivated.

-- Apurav Santosh Gaware




I selected this image because every time I open my laptop, these two words motivate me to do even better to achieve my goals.

-- Srishti Manna


Many students have photos that have significant personal relevance.




This image was captured by me from the 7th floor of the hospital in which my treatment was going on for a rare disease. This image always reminds me that whatever hardship you are going through, there is always some hope around and that you should only need to take deep breaths and look at the sky for peace.

-- Kanishka Sharma




My background on my monitor is a photo of me and my mother. She guides and inspires me throughout my life. Furthermore, she is my mentor and teacher who taught me to believe in myself, do my best, and always be kind to all.

-- Mitchelle Coleen B. Zarsuela


Some students have fun images.




I love Tom & Jerry. The way they fight and and then care for each other shows that for a long lasting and strong relationship, both things are very necessary. Without these, life has no color.          

-- Syeda Manahil Javed


Abstract images are very popular among Student Ambassadors.




I chose the above wallpaper because I’ve upgraded to Windows 11 and have been loving the performance. The design of the wallpaper is beautiful and modern.

--Sheena Narula           


One student had a clever monitor background.


It’s a writing that says which means “home” in networking. I love it so much because any time I open my laptop, I get reminded I am home.

-- Roosevelt Abandy


Of course, some Student Ambassadors proudly display Student Ambassador badges!




I designed this background.  It reminds me that I am a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador and I must be a force for all good things happening around me.

-- Aditya Kumar




I downloaded my computer’s background from the Student Ambassador digital swag, and I love it. I think it is very beautiful, and every time I start my computer, seeing it helps me remember that joining the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors program changed my life, and I love being part of this great family.

--Sebastian Arocha


One student chose to stick with the default background picture of Windows 10.




I haven’t changed it because it is clear and good for eyes, and I haven’t found a better wallpaper to take the place of it.

-- Weihong Xu   


And some don’t have a fixed image on their monitor or phone.


Every weekend, I scroll through Reddit to download the wallpapers that catch my eye, and for the whole week, they remain on a slideshow.

-- Aditya Mitra


Which TV or movie character (live action or animated) would you want to be and why?


Several students would want to be Iron Man.


Tony Stark. Genius, billionaire, philanthropist. Willing to sacrifice himself for greater good of teammate.

-- Raymond Wangsa Putra


He is really smart and has the ability to build very complex things.

-- Saul Puente


A few students would want to be Spiderman.


I want to be Spiderman because I want to grab distant objects quickly.

--Aditya Kumar


I like his sense of tingling, He puts so much charisma and enthusiasm in whatever he does, and I like how he loves to protect people even when he is criticized

-- Roosevelt Abandy


 Other movie and TV characters were mentioned:


I really resonate with Kung-Fu Panda (Po), because I am a voracious eater of food. Besides that, I love the character’s evolution from a lazy and worthless panda to a kung-fu champion who saves his people. His story teaches us that with perseverance, discipline and tenacity, we can completely transform our lives and reach positions of responsibility.

-- Ansh Mishra


I would want to be someone whose personality traits lie between those of Rory Gilmore (“Gilmore Girls”) and Blair Waldorf (“Gossip Girl”). Two very different people, I know, but they’re both very intelligent, beautiful, and hardworking, and have friends who support them through every realm of life. Also, they’re both readers! I identify with both of them, and I think it would be pretty fun living the way they do!

-- Anushka Bhatnagar


I would love to be Elsa from “Frozen”. She is an incredibly strong, graceful, and generous character. She made me believe in myself and made me accept myself for who I am. She is quite an inspiring character!

-- Srishti Manna


And there was an unexpected twist in one student’s response.


I would want to be me as a character in movie. I always think about what would happen if I were there.

--Piyush Shahu



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