Thursday, March 17, 2022

Available now: Upvote Answers in Yammer

Yammer has always been a place where members share knowledge, ask questions, and find solutions. Using Question and Answer helps to draw attention to conversations and enhances knowledge sharing in your organization. At Microsoft Ignite, we announced answer upvoting - a new experience designed to help members crowdsource solutions and highlight useful answers. Starting this week, upvoting is rolling out to Yammer worldwide. 


Answer Upvoting is here 


Community members can upvote a response if it’s a helpful or useful contribution to the question. Anyone can view who voted for each reply. You can only vote for a reply once, but you can vote on more than one reply.  The more votes an answer receives, the higher it’ll go in the conversation. This saves you time by being able to quickly scan for information without having to scroll through answers to find the most useful response.  


How to upvote answers in Yammer - YouTube


How it works 


When a community member posts a question other community members can vote on the replies to showcase useful answers.  The reply with the most votes moves up to the top of the conversation. The original poster or the community admin can also mark best answer to a question.  




By letting others know that their answer helped your question, it encourages community members to continue to share their knowledge. Answer upvote is available on mobile and web browsers and in the Communities app for Teams as well.  




Try it out by asking or answer a question in your Yammer network today. Learn more about Q&A here. Find out more about asking questions which can improve your conversations, connections, and engagement in Yammer Explained: Q&A.  


Will Answer Upvote show up in the feed within Microsoft Viva Connections? 

Not at this time.  


Is Answer Upvote available with Q&A in Team Meetings? 

Not at this time, but upvoting questions to increase visibility is currently on our roadmap.   


Stay tuned for more updates and news on the Yammer blog and follow the Microsoft 365 Roadmap 

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