Thursday, March 10, 2022

Azure Marketplace new offers – March 10, 2022

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 140 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

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4MIA - Monitor, Investigate and Advise.png

4MIA - Monitor, Investigate and Advise: 4MIA acts as an advisor for tech executives so they can make timely and informed decisions while optimizing costs and opportunities. The solution continuously monitors assets and generates data-driven reports in real time.

ALVAO IT Service Management.png

ALVAO IT Service Management: Fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams, ALVAO's service desk provides a single point of contact for all in-company requests. Empower your team with a unified solution for workload distribution and asset management.

Araventi - Meeting and Conference Event Management.png

Araventi - Meeting and Conference Event Management: Indico by Araventi is an open source web application that lets you seamlessly organize and facilitate meetings, workshops and conferences across the globe. Manage complex conference lifecycles, book meeting rooms and share slides and presentations across devices and countries with this one solution.

AWX 19.3.0 on Ubuntu - Alternative to Ansible Tower.png

AWX 19.3.0 on Ubuntu: AWX 19.3.0 on Ubuntu 20.04 extends the power of Ansible by providing an alternative to Ansible Tower. This image allows you to run Ansible Playbooks using a web-user interface and deploy AWX on Microsoft Azure with 1-Click.


Brainboard: Brainboard helps engineers design, deploy, and manage their multi-cloud architecture and terraform environments without being GitOps or DevOps ninjas. Save time and visually design, deploy and manage your modern cloud infrastructures.

Cirrus - Backup Tool for Microsoft 365.png

Cirrus - Backup Tool for Microsoft 365: Cirrus backup solution for Microsoft 365 performs automatic backups of your data and stores the backups locally. It also offers around-the-clock protection and restores your data, if compromised, due to malicious activity.

CIS Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS STIG Benchmark.png

CIS Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS STIG Benchmark: Hardened according to a CIS Benchmark — the consensus-based best practice for secure configuration — this image of Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS will secure your cloud environment.

Cloudwrxs - Oracle Linux 7.3 Standard Edition-12.2.png

Cloudwrxs - Oracle Linux 7.3 Standard Edition-12.2: Cloudwrxs provides an Oracle Linux 7.3 image optimized for production environments on Microsoft Azure. This is an Oracle 12.2.1 Standard Edition Database and comes pre-installed with the required RPM package manager.

Compliance Island Administrator Training Bundle.png

Compliance Island Administrator Training Bundle: Compliance Island's administrator training bundle is a two-day virtual class for up to 10 people. Compliance Island closes the gap between cloud and compliance with ready-to-use private Azure Virtual Desktop enclaves.

Compliance Island for CMMC & NIST 800-171.png

Compliance Island for CMMC & NIST 800-171: Compliance Island closes the gap between cloud and compliance with ready-to-use Azure Virtual Desktop enclaves. This solution is designed for U.S. government, defense contractors, and enterprise IT teams and will help you easily meet NIST SP 800-171 or CMMC 2.0 Level 2 compliance standards.

Compliance Island Licensing Subscription for User, Administrator, Developer.png

Compliance Island Licensing Subscription for User, Administrator, Developer: This offer provides licensing subscription for each user, administrator or developer as an add-on to the core Compliance Island package, which needs to be purchased separately. Compliance Island solution is designed for U.S. government, defense contractors, and enterprise customers.

Connected GRC Integrated Risk Platform.png

Connected GRC Integrated Risk Platform: Transform risk into a strategic advantage by improving the security posture of your organization. With MetricStream‘s full range of Connected GRC solutions you can reduce risk exposure, losses, and improve capital allocation.

Denodo Enterprise Plus (Hourly).png

Denodo Enterprise Plus (Hourly): Integrate data from any location and deliver it to customers in real time. Denodo Enterprise Plus offers AI/ML-driven recommendations that can accelerate delivery of governed data to business applications by 90 percent.

Denodo Standard (Hourly).png

Denodo Standard (Hourly): Denodo Standard integrates and delivers data from Microsoft Azure, SaaS and other data sources to your analytics tools of choice. It helps small to medium sized organizations or individual departments to quickly get started on data virtualization.

Docker Community Server with Ubuntu 21.04.png

Docker Community Server with Ubuntu 21.04: This offer from Cognosys provides an image of Docker Community Server on Ubuntu 21.04. Docker Community Server is ideal for developers looking to get started with Docker and experimenting with container-based applications.

EuroLinux 7.9 with 24_7 Support.png

EuroLinux 7.9 with 24/7 Support: EuroLinux 7.9 minimal image is developed from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux source code. Designed for both servers and workstations, it provides a set of tools and modules such as smart management, load balancer and scalable file system.

GetSimple Content Management System.png

GetSimple Content Management System + Support: The GetSimple open source content management system helps small businesses and non-techie site owners create and manage their websites. GetSimple is based on PHP's programming language and uses XML files to store content.

Industrial IoT.png

Industrial IoT Predictive Maintenance Solution: Revamp your industry operations with Celebal Technologies’ predictive maintenance solution that supports real-time alerts and monitors your manufacturing components using IoT sensors. Lowers costs by optimizing operational efficiency.

inQuba Journey Cloud.png

inQuba Journey Cloud: Transform customer data into insights and optimize ROI with inQuba’s AI-driven solution. This toolbox of cloud-based apps will optimize acquisition, retention, and upsell across the customer journey and orchestrate interventions to achieve retention and acquisition outcomes.

iTop ITSM CMDB Software + support.png

iTop ITSM CMDB Software + Support: This scalable all-in-one IT service management platform by ATH Infosystems enables service centers to establish a single repository for multiple customers, contracts, and SLAs while maintaining the privacy and security requirements of individual clients.


KURO CLOUD: KURO CLOUD enables you to securely access your cloud-based applications from anywhere. The platform is also compliant with European data security legislation and offers maximum protection while facilitating workflow automation. This application is available in Italian and English.

Lead Management System By Vymo.png

Lead Management System by Vymo: Empower your sales team to achieve more with Vymo’s scalable, out-of-the-box toolkit. Vymo integrates Microsoft 365 services and offers a single pane of glass experience for efficient lead routing, improved productivity and performance.

Redis for AI and ML on JupyterHub.png

Redis for AI and ML on JupyterHub: This offer from Data Science Dojo provides Redis for AI and ML on JupyterHub for up to 100 users. This image will help you scale your machine learning infrastructure almost instantly. Redis is a powerful real time data platform.

Res.Q _ Quality Management Solution.png

Res.Q | Quality Management Solution: Streamline production and inspection processes of your apparel manufacturing operations. RES.Q integrates real time data and analytics to optimize operations and costs, and improve overall cut-to-ship ratio.

RethinkDB on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.png

RethinkDB on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: Ntegral's offer combines RethinkDB with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. This virtual machine platform, optimized for production environments on Microsoft Azure, allows for workload with no usage limits and makes it easy to build applications in real time.

SMART Integrate.png

SMART Integrate: SMART Integrate automates and seamlessly connects your on-premises and cloud-based applications and services to implement highly secure messaging workflows between applications and the master data management within your organization.

Teameo - Class Management and Digital Spaces.png

Teameo - Class Management and Digital Spaces: Integrating seamlessly with your Microsoft Teams environment, Teameo transforms the digital environment of your educational institution by improving the user experience with a personalized and centralized space.


Tensense: This tool helps executive leaders harness Tensense organizational experience data from within Microsoft Teams and understand the underlying emotions driving their organization and workforce so they can improve decision making and performance.

Ubuntu 21.04.png

Ubuntu 21.04: This offer from Cognosys provides an image of Ubuntu Server 21.04. This latest release of Ubuntu comes at the midpoint between the most recent Long Term Supported (LTS) release of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and the forthcoming 22.04 LTS release due in April 2022.

Ubuntu 21.10 Desktop.png

Ubuntu 21.10 Desktop: This Ubuntu desktop-as-a-service solution from Ntegral provides a fully managed Ubuntu Desktop 21.10 virtual environment to support your development and business application needs. Hosted on Azure, this image enables secure remote work.

VSoft archITekt.png

VSoft archITekt: Build custom apps and boost integration capacity of your existing solutions with VSoft's archITekt low-code platform. archITekt minimizes the use of specialized tools, covers multiple business use cases, and enables shorter time to market deployments.

Windows Server 2022.png

Windows Server 2022: This offer from Ntegral provides Windows Server 2022. Windows Server bridges on-premises environments with Microsoft Azure services to extend your datacenter and maximize existing investments.

WordPress with Windows Server 2022.png

WordPress with Windows Server 2022: Cognosys provides this image of WordPress with Windows Server 2022. This image is for customers looking to deploy a self-managed community edition instead of a vanilla install. Versions included are: WordPress 5.9, PHP 7.4.27, MySQL Server 8.0.27 with Windows Server 2022.

Youredi Rapids Ocean Booking Data Connectivity.png

Youredi Rapids Ocean Booking Data Connectivity: This subscription-based, managed solution from Youredi enables quick data connectivity and process integration between trading partners. Increase efficiency of your shipping orders and streamline processes between shippers, freight forwarders and ocean carriers.

Youredi Rapids Order2Invoice Data Connectivity.png

Youredi Rapids Order2Invoice Data Connectivity: Automate operations between your vendors and customers and ensure visibility across all incoming supply orders with Youredi’s solution. This cost-effective solution will help scale your business and improve customer service.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

Application Modernization- 3-Month Implementation.png

Application Modernization: 3-Month Implementation: This consultation with ELEKS will provide a personalized migration process of your core legacy systems — from defining scope and success criteria to implementation — using Microsoft Azure data services.

AVS Migration- 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

AVS Migration: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Shaping Cloud’s Microsoft Azure VMware Solution (AVS) proof of concept provides a well-defined path to manageable, seamless, and comprehensive migration of your workloads from on-premises into Azure.

Azure Advanced Networking- 3-Day Proof of Concept.png

Azure Advanced Networking: 3-Day Proof of Concept: In this engagement, KochaSoft's experienced architects will whiteboard and plan a solution to bolster and protect your applications using a combination of advanced networking services in Microsoft Azure.

Azure Arc- 5-Day Proof of Concept.png

Azure Arc: 5-Day Proof of Concept: For customers who want to simplify complex and distributed environments, Office Line will utilize Microsoft Azure Arc and implement best practices to extend management across environments.

Jumpstart Your Azure- 3-Month Proof of Concept.png Azure Jumpstart: 3-Month Proof of Concept: This consultation will migrate and optimize your application on Microsoft Azure, launch a transactable offer in the Microsoft commercial marketplace, and provide technical support from 2bcloud, an Azure expert MSP.
Azure Landing Zone- 5-Day Implementation (Healthcare).png

Azure Landing Zone for Healthcare: 5-Day Implementation : Shaping Cloud's extensive experience in healthcare will enable them to design the best solution based on your business needs and create a secure landing zone in Microsoft Azure for your applications.

Azure Landing Zone- 5-Day Implementation (Legal).png

 Azure Landing Zone for Legal: 5-Day Implementation: Create a secure cloud landing zone in Microsoft Azure for your infrastructure and applications with this implementation. Shaping Cloud has extensive experience in the legal sector and will help design the best solution based on your organizational needs.

Azure Stack HCI- 3-Half-Day Workshop.png

Azure Stack HCI: 3-Half-Day Workshop: In this half-day consulting service offers, available only in German, primeLine Solutions architects will offer a presentation on the latest technologies and concepts involving Microsoft Azure Stack HCI and provide clear, validated technology choices tailored to your business needs.

Azure Synapse- 3-Week Proof of Concept.png

Azure Synapse Analytics: 3-Week Proof of ConceptModernize your on-premises data and business intelligence solutions with OQuila's proof of concept. OQuila's engineers will demonstrate how you can glean actionable insights using advanced solutions such as Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics so you can retain and grow your existing customer base. 

BI Architecture for Dynamics 365- 5-Day Implementation.png

BI Architecture for Dynamics 365: 5-Day Implementation: Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Power Apps, Dynagile will build a modern data analytics architecture so you can get insightful data and customized reports via Microsoft Power BI and other Azure services.

Citrix on Azure- 3-Week Proof of Concept.png

Citrix on Azure: 3-Week Proof of Concept: Long View's offer will allow you to assess the capabilities of Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop and evaluate the transition of your on-premises VDI deployments safely to Citrix on Azure using a programmatic approach.

Cloud Enablement and Risk Assessment- 2-Week Proof of Concept.png

Cloud Enablement and Risk Assessment: 2-Week Proof of Concept: Quadrant Resource will simplify the complexity of managing multi-cloud environments with its Cloud Enablement and Risk Assessment (CERA) offer. It unifies cloud resources and provides an intuitive dashboard to help monitor cost, security, and cloud health.

Cloud Exponence- 4-Week Implementation.png

Cloud Exponence: 4-Week Implementation: TCS's Cloud Exponence platform simplifies hybrid cloud orchestration using Microsoft Azure Arc and Azure Stack HCI. Scalable and single console multi-tenant service delivery ensures onboarding is frictionless and cost-efficient.

Computer Vision on Azure- 2-Month Proof of Concept.png

Computer Vision on Azure: 2-Month Proof of Concept: Noctuai's comprehensive video analytics and management platform will utilize machine learning models to focus on your specific business use case for Computer Vision to track all aspects of your business.

Container Lift-and-Shift- 5-Day Implementation.png

Container Lift-and-Shift: 5-Day Implementation: ELCA will determine your company's migration needs, then define a strategy to migrate a containerized on-premises application to Azure Kubernetes Service along with expert assistance in building a CI-CD pipeline using Azure DevOps or GitHub.

Data Warehouse Lift-and-Shift- 6-Week Proof of Concept.png

Data Warehouse Lift-and-Shift: 6-Week Proof of Concept: Scandic Fusion will execute a proof of concept for the lift-and-shift of your data analytics solution to Microsoft Azure. This will help establish your data warehouse ecosystem using Azure Synapse and Azure Data Lake to store data, and Azure Data Factory to load and transform.

Datawarehouse Migration to Azure- 5-Month Implementation.png

Data Warehouse Migration to Azure: 5-Month Implementation: The experts from KUDAW will modernize your company’s data and business intelligence solutions with a cloud-native Microsoft Azure data platform. The scope is flexible and can include topics like data governance, machine learning or data modelling best practices.

Forecasting Models based on Azure- 2-Week Proof of Concept.png

Forecasting Models Based on Azure: 2-Week Proof of ConceptTechedge's proof of concept will assess your business requirements and set up an analytical and forecasting solution using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning services so you can improve your forecasting capabilities through AI applications.

HealthEM.AI Build Cohort- 5-Week Pilot Implementation.png

HealthEM.AI Build Cohort: 5-Week Pilot Implementation: Tredence's pilot implementation will utilize native Microsoft Azure components to configure and execute an AI/ML model to streamline and simplify complex medical and healthcare data management systems and identify at-risk patients.

Hybrid Datacenter Security- 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

Hybrid Datacenter Security: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Improve your security posture and allow experts from Cyclotron to create a hybrid cloud security strategy that incorporates all your cloud and on-premises assets in a single view using Microsoft Sentinel. Bring reliability, scalability, and security to your environment.

Identity and Access Management- 3-Day Workshop.png

Identity and Access Management: 3-Day Workshop: Reply's workshop will assess the maturity of your identity estate and show you how to drastically reduce the risk of external and internal data security breaches using Microsoft Azure Active Directory Identity and Access Management platform.

Implement & Manage Windows 365- 3-Day Proof of Concept.png

Implement & Manage Windows 365: 3-Day Proof of Concept: In this engagement, OBVUS will provide a production-ready Windows 365 proof of concept environment that is deployed and configured so you can securely stream your data and content from the Microsoft cloud to any device and support your hybrid workforce.

Lotus Domino Apps Migration- 4-Week Implementation.png

Lotus Domino Apps Migration: 4-Week Implementation: Develonica will migrate your custom-built Lotus/Domino applications to the Microsoft platform. You will receive optimized applications both in terms of number and functionality and improved performance.

Machine Learning Accelerator- 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

Machine Learning Accelerator: 4-Week Proof of Concept: AI Consulting Group will use Microsoft Azure Databricks and Azure Machine Learning services to provide a continuously improving ML model to streamline your processes and inspire predictive intelligence.

Managed Services for Azure.png

Managed Services for AzureAvailable only in Portuguese, FCamara Consulting offers a flexible and customized managed service to optimize your infrastructure and multi-cloud environment in Microsoft Azure. Learn to monitor your cloud resources and mitigate threats.

NetCom+- 52-Week Azure Learning Workshops and Courses.png

NetCom+: 52-Week Azure Learning Workshops and Courses: This eLearning offer from NetCom+ will provide your team with quick, easy, and cost-effective access to unlimited Microsoft Azure instructor-led IT and business training courses. Learn at your own pace, track progress and get access to exclusive resources for a whole year with a single purchase.

Oracle to PostgreSQL on Azure- 2 to- 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

Oracle to PostgreSQL on Azure: 2- to- 4-Week Proof of Concept: Available only in German, this proof of concept from doubleSlash will assess the technical feasibility of your infrastructure and roadmap a strategy to migrate your data from Oracle to PostgreSQL on Microsoft Azure. 

Oracle to PostgreSQL on Azure- 4 Week to- 6-Month Implementation.png

Oracle to PostgreSQL on Azure: 4-Week to 6-Month ImplementationIn this implementation, doubleSlash will migrate your data from Oracle to PostgreSQL on Microsoft Azure. Quickly launch new database workloads or migrate from on-premises to Azure using existing licenses. This offer is available only in German.

Platform Modernization for Machine Learning- 4-Week Implementation.png

Platform Modernization for Machine Learning: 4-Week Implementation: Seamlessly shift to a modern data platform by utilizing the power of Microsoft Azure Data Factory and Azure machine learning services with AI Consulting Group's implementation. 

SAP on Azure- 7-Day Assessment & Workshop (Retail).png

SAP on Azure for Retail: 7-Day Assessment & Workshop: Khoj Information Technology will review your SAP landscape and design a custom migration for your company to move SAP and S/4HANA workloads to Microsoft Azure. SAP architects will gather your requirements, align with your goals, and propose a plan suited to your digital transformation efforts.

Security-Focused Managed Services.png

Security-Focused Managed Services: FCamara Consulting will deliver flexible and personalized solutions to quickly triage security alerts and proactively block threats to your environment using Microsoft Azure services. This offer is available only in Portuguese.

Strategic Data Discovery- 4-Week Workshop.png

Strategic Data Discovery: 4-Week Workshop: Dmlab's data scientists will show you how to treat data as a strategic asset and incorporate it in your business and IT plans using Azure Data Platform. Discover data use cases and AI opportunities to maximize ROI.

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Kublr-Demo/Installer/Bootstrap Container for Kubernetes

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Logicalis Managed Secure OnMesh

Lumeta Command Center v4.4.0.0

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m.Care- Remote Patient Monitoring Platform

Managed Cybersecurity with Azure Sentinel

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Meeting Room as a Service

Meeting4Display: Smart Meeting Room Management Solution

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Provisioning Application for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Sites

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