Thursday, March 17, 2022

Azure Sphere 22.02 Update 1 now available: resolves known SDK issues

Azure Sphere version 22.02 Update 1 is now published and available for download. 22.02 Update 1 includes bug fixes for the Azure Sphere SDK for Windows and for Linux, and the Visual Studio Code Extension. It does not include an updated OS or an updated Visual Studio extension.



The updated SDK resolves an issue announced on the Tech Community IoT blog related to the sys/socket.h header and musl 64-bit time support, that affects API set 12. If you installed the original 22.02 release of the SDK, please install the updated version.


You can determine if you have the original 22.02 SDK or 22.02 Update 1 SDK by using the Azure Sphere CLI to run the command “azsphere show-version”. The original 22.02 SDK has the full version number while 22.02 Update 1 SDK has the full version number  Note that the Classic CLI only shows the version in the format “22.02”.


To install the latest SDK, see the installation Quickstart for Windows or Linux:


Visual Studio Code Extension

On Linux, the tenant explorer in the Visual Studio Code Extension for Azure Sphere was previously displaying an error. The updated extension displays the results correctly.



The Azure Sphere build environment container has been updated to the 22.02 Update 1 SDK.


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