Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Evolve and Automate Workstreams with Teams Bots




Do you want to know how your organization can evolve the way they perform their mission work, as well as automate many routine operations?  Join the Teams App Acceleration for Government (TAAG) team this month to learn about chatbots in Teams and why you should be using them.



  • What is a Bot?
  • How bots can evolve and automate your operations.
  • What are your options for leveraging bots in your organization?
  • How other organizations are using Bots today.
  • Demo of Power Virtual Agents
  • Demo of FAQ Plus Bot App Template
  • What makes a Bot smart (natural language processing, knowledge base depth, etc.)
  • Open Q&A


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Joshua Armant LI-In-Bug.png

"Having called Microsoft home for 8 exciting years now, Joshua focuses passionately on transforming customer productivity experiences within Teams and Microsoft 365. From Ideation to execution, Joshua loves to take customers on their own unique journey of transformation, and he's beyond excited to share with you the possibilities for your agency and end-users!"





Rebecca Jones LI-In-Bug.png

"Rebecca has spent the last 6+ years working as a Customer Engineer at Microsoft. Most recently she has been working in the areas of Microsoft Power Platform and SharePoint. In her spare time, you can find her hanging out learning how to drive a train, knitting, crocheting, and playing with Lego."





John Scott LI-In-Bug.png

"John is passionate about transforming how Microsoft's Federal customers solve their unique challenges using innovative solutions."



About TAAG

Teams App Acceleration for Government (TAAG) is an initiative designed to drive Teams Platform across the government community.  Everything we demo will work in the Government Community Cloud (GCC) and potentially in the Government Community Cloud High (GCCH) and Department of Defense (DoD) environments.

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