Monday, March 14, 2022

Getting Started with Microsoft Azure Defender for Cloud



Are you concerned about the security of your Azure resources, but don’t know where to start? Microsoft Azure Defender for Cloud provides you with a Secure Score, which measures the configuration of the resources in your Azure subscription against the Azure Security Benchmark.


Do you plan to or need to achieve a specific regulatory, industry, or government compliance? Defender for Cloud can also help you associate these various policies to compare your deployment and configuration.


This video provides a walkthrough of enabling Defender for Cloud for the first time and associating a compliance policy that is used to measure the security of the subscription.


This video includes a English closed-caption-file reference and is best viewed full-screen. 


If you have an ISV-specific topic that you feel would be good for a 15-20 minute video or a small set of them, comment below! If you have feedback on this video, please let us know!



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