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Meet the 2022 Imagine Cup World Finalists

The 2022 Imagine Cup is where passion meets innovation—a place where students can build together with like-minded peers around the world to make a difference. Over the past 20 years of the competition, students have created inspiring and inclusive projects using cutting-edge technologies while developing valuable skills during the journey.

This year, thousands of teams selected one of four competition categories in which to develop a project—Earth, Education, Health, and Lifestyle. Students were invited to join an Imagine Cup kick-off event and participate in the Build Your Epic challenge as a preliminary step in their competition journey. With a global online community, advice from expert mentors, and more training opportunities than ever before, teams of up to four people leveraged innovative tech like AI, Power Platform, and Big Data to develop a project proposal to make a difference in the world.  

Out of all the competitors, 48 World Finalist teams have been selected. They now head to the next stage where they will pitch their ideas to expert judges, demo their tech, and engage in a question and answer session as they compete for over USD50,000 in prizing. Projects will be judged on their innovative use of Azure technology, accessibility and inclusion, and marketability as a business idea.

The World Finalists will ultimately be whittled down to three, and in May, the 2022 Imagine Cup World Champion will be crowned with the winning team taking home the grand prize of USD100,000 and a mentoring session with Microsoft Chairman and CEO, Satya Nadella.
We are continually inspired by the solutions students create, and while all submissions have been noteworthy, the 2022 competition is advancing with the selection of our World Finalist teams.  Congratulations to the winners!


Meet the World Finalists!  

Americas region




EZRehabilitation, United States

Health category 

A patient-following robot that carries an oxygen tank for the patient and monitors health conditions. All the telemetry data connects to Azure IoT App and displays to patients and doctors by Power BI visualization.




FOGCare, United States

Health category

Freezing of gait (FOG) is one of the most debilitating symptoms of Parkinson's disease, which affects more than 10 million people worldwide. FOGCare is a personal wearable assistant system to detect FOG and provide rhythmic auditory stimulation treatment.




Healthily, United States

Health category

The app's goal is to make the lives of users with depression and anxiety easier by sending mobile push notifications with reminders and motivational quotes.




KAPI, United States

Education category

The purpose of KAPI is to translate sign language into Python code, specifically for Machine Learning applications. It aims to remove the need for keyboards and allows people to sign their code using only a webcam.




Lakit, United States

Health category 

Lakit is a mobile app bundled with a wearable voice assistant device that could help dementia caregivers sync with daily schedules and maintain their mental health.




Maji, United States

Earth category

Maji is a novel mobile application combined with an optional sensor that determines the real-time water quality in one’s home by using Azure machine learning and building a big database of water quality data to decrease adverse health consequences.




Melodic, United States

Health category 

Melodic is an integrated system providing speech therapy service via hardware and software. By leveraging the system-oriented hardware and Microsoft Azure cloud-native application, helps children with hearing impairments receive professional speech therapy at a low cost.




NutritionHelper, United States

Health category

CogniDiet quickly scans the text on menus and food labels and immersively projects food allergy warnings for people with different types of irritants by using Azure Optical Character Recognition and machine learning embedded in PowerApps.




Pragma Labs, Canada

Health Category

Pragma challenges the status quo of how medical research data is stored through a multi-pronged SaaS approach. It gives actionable insights to patients who provide data and allows healthcare AI startups to access complete high-quality data while ensuring patients' privacy.




Project Inspire, Canada

Health category

This 3D-printed robotic arm uses artificial intelligence to diagnose if a person has a respiratory condition and recommends potential treatments.




Rurusi, Mexico

Earth category

Rurusi is an application that helps farmers find the most profitable crops by managing the agricultural production using AI and leading them through the planting, storage, and sales processes.




Sakerun, United States

Lifestyle category

DéjàVue is an easy-to-use application that can help people improve their performance in virtual meetings and interviews by utilizing Azure services to analyze a user's eye contact, facial expression, and voice. Users can see their results immediately.




Skancare, United States

Health category

Skancare is a platform which includes a web application, a 95% accurate novel AI algorithm, and a health IT infrastructure to aid doctors in remote health areas and increase access to information on all dermatological conditions, specifically cancers.





Team Hanu, United States

Health category

Hanu is a two-pronged hardware and software device that provides users with an inexpensive, accessible, and reliable tool for the screening of chronic respiratory illnesses.






VueForAll, Canada

Lifestyle category

VueForAll is an analytics tool designed to improve vision accessibility in games. The software is built using Python Flask and uses Microsoft Azure services for data storage and data analysis.






Waveform, United States

Lifestyle category

SoundScape is the first assistive listening device to separate, localize, and classify multiple sound sources simultaneously. It has the potential to protect 466 million people with hearing loss worldwide.



Asia region



Alpha Squad LK, Sri Lanka

Earth category

Habarala is a mobile application that helps the user find alternative foods from their immediate environment, thus increasing green technology and ultimately reducing world hunger.





BlisCare, India

Education category

BlisCare aims to provide affordable digital braille solutions to visually impaired students with Digital Braille Display System (Braille Tablet) which can replicate any online and offline text, diagram, or map to standard Braille in real time.






En#_Megical, Korea

Health category

En#_megical is a service that analyzes users' emotions through daily Q&A to calculate the degree of depression and treat depression. The user’s answer to a daily question is analyzed using an algorithm in the service and reflected in a depression score, and games are offered to treat depression.







ESLE, Sri Lanka

Lifestyle category

This is an innovative and complete digital signage solution that can perform user targeted advertising by identifying individuals and groups of customers by their age, gender and other preferences,






HireUsPls, Singapore

Education category

KodeFlo is a web-based game application that uses Flow-Based Programming to teach programming concepts to children ages 10-14.






JBAwesome, Singapore

Health category

DeafSpeak is a digital auditory-verbal therapy assistant that provides hearing-impaired children an educational healthcare learning platform using advanced AI technologies powered by Microsoft Azure.






Laze Project Team, Japan

Education category

Laze is a programming language that can be written in any language and executed effortlessly, making the early stages of learning programming easier for students, especially in non-English speaking countries.





Makara Tech, INdonesia

Health category

VirtuoStroke is a solution that provides middle-to-low income countries with good stroke rehabilitation through an affordable motion capture game using rehabilitative movements combined with an integrated feature for a more holistic approach.





MakeaBLE, Taiwan

Education category

MakeaBLE is an AI-enabled IoT platform that changes the way students across the globe learn by providing students with opportunities to learn AI and IoT through easy hands-on sample AI projects and a plug-and-play sensor hub.






Nana Shilpa, Sri Lanka

Health category

Nana Shilpa is a mobile application system developed for screening and refinement of dyscalculia and dysgraphia learning disabilities in primary school students using the Sinhala language.






Sign2Sign, Singapore

Lifestyle category

This is a hands-on and interactive sign language learning app for people to learn signing vocabularies and practice them in conversations.




Silent Talk, China

Health category

This project uses multi-modal audio and video fusion technology to greatly improve the correction efficiency in patients with speech disorders, thus alleviating the inefficiency caused to some extent by the shortage of therapists.






Synthesize.AI, India

Lifestyle category

Synthesize.AI is a synthetic data generation platform powered by Generative Adversarial Networks to synthesize data and mitigate the problem of data scarcity for AI model training.







The Alter, Sri Lanka

Education category

The Alter eliminates software product inconsistency by following SDLC best practices. It ensures that the end product complies with HCI principles with minimal supervisor guidance, especially during the prevailing pandemic situation.



Three Stooges and One Master, China

Earth category

This system monitors the health of chickens by collecting audio sound signals then analyzing and filtering them. It then forms a data set and creates a visualization platform to display the health monitoring. The prediction accuracy for detection of illnesses is 98.97%.






VEKIN, Thailand

Earth category

Carbon Wallet is a green gamification application that encourages people to have an eco-friendly lifestyle by converting green efforts into digital assets.



EMEA region





Alpha14, South Africa

Education category

ULearn is an online learning platform that consists of exciting and interactive activities, assessments, simple flashcards, and numerous types of rewards. Activities are fun and motivate Down Syndrome children to learn and gather valuable statistics to track progress and emotions.



Student_Developer_Team_1-1646764674029.pngStudent_Developer_Team_2-1646764680631.png Student_Developer_Team_3-1646764699027.png



CaJoBo, Germany

Lifestyle category

CAJOBO is an automated job seeker and application platform for those who do not have time to apply for jobs and procrastinate despite knowing that they might face unemployment.



CovidTestDrone cr.jpg



CovidTestDrone, Ireland

Health category

CovidTestDrone enables self-administered COVID-19 tests to be delivered via drones within minutes to patient’s homes and returned to the lab to be analyzed, eliminating the need for patients to leave their homes or maintain contact with others



KOTA cr.jpg



KOTA, Ireland

Lifestyle category

KOTA is an online social reading platform and marketplace where users can read, write, and trade original stories using Blockchain and NFT technology.






Manuscrito, Romania

Education category

This is a mobile app for tablets where kids can learn how to write in an interactive way.






Neural Voxel, Kenya

Health category

Neural Voxel enables specialists to easily and swiftly diagnose various forms of diseases in MRI and CT scans with much higher accuracy while at the same time reducing the workload and fatigue rates of specialists.




PnCheck, Switzerland

Health category

This is a web app that uses a pretrained Convolution Neural Network model to make client-side predictions in chest X-ray images to detect the presence of pneumonia.




Sayari, Kenya

Earth category

In order to reduce post-harvest losses and maximize yields for farmers, the Ideal Monitoring System aims to ensure ideal conditions for the safe storage and transportation of produce in transit and in stores.




Sia Precision Education, United Kingdom

Education category

Sia Precision Education leverages Artificial Intelligence to help students navigate educational content and ensures that individualized experiences can be offered at scale within understaffed correctional facilities in English-speaking countries.



U-Map cr.jpg


Team U-Map, Cameroon

Education category

U-Map is a mobile app that serves to provide geolocation services so students and lecturers can get directions to any location on campus using their mobile phones.





The RE-Team, Qatar

Earth category

Tackling many issues including pollution, human labor, and waste of energy, this solution involves two robots--one in a recycling factory to detect and sort garbage, and the other in public places as a form of a robotic recycling bin.






The_X_Team, Kenya

Education category

Kaizen helps mitigate issues affecting education in Africa.


V Bionic.png


V Bionic, Saudi Arabia

Health category

ExoHeal combines robotics and neuroscience to help hand paralyzed patients recover 30% faster. The affordable device and app utilize neuroplasticity and Azure technology to retrain the brain by providing adaptive and gamified rehabilitation exercises.





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