Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Microsoft Security Matters Newsletter – Feb 2022 Edition

General News

Evolved phishing: Device registration trick adds to phishers’ toolbox for victims without MFA - Microsoft Security Blog

How CISOs are preparing to tackle 2022 - Microsoft Security Blog

Destructive malware targeting Ukrainian organizations - Microsoft Security Blog

Security Trends for 2022 - Microsoft Tech Community

Align your security and network teams to Zero Trust security demands - Microsoft Security Blog

Microsoft Zero Trust solutions deliver 92 percent return on investment, says new Forrester study - Microsoft Security Blog

Learn about 4 approaches to comprehensive security that help leaders be fearless - Microsoft Security Blog

EzPC: Increased data security in the AI model validation process - Microsoft Research

What you need to know about how cryptography impacts your security strategy - Microsoft Security Blog

Microsoft Security delivers new multicloud capabilities - Microsoft Security Blog

‘Ice phishing’ on the blockchain - Microsoft Security Blog

4 best practices to implement a comprehensive Zero Trust security approach - Microsoft Security Blog

Cybersecurity threats are always changing—staying on top of them is vital, getting ahead of them is paramount - Microsoft Security Blog

Enabling Zero Trust with Azure network security services | Azure Blog and Updates | Microsoft Azure

Cyber Signals: Defending against cyber threats with the latest research, insights, and trends - Microsoft Security Blog

ACTINIUM targets Ukrainian organizations - Microsoft Security Blog


Azure Security & Defender for Cloud News

Azure DDoS Protection—2021 Q3 and Q4 DDoS attack trends | Azure Blog and Updates | Microsoft Azure

Measure the effectiveness of your Microsoft security with AttackIQ - Microsoft Security Blog

Microsoft Defender for Cloud PoC Series - Microsoft Defender for Containers - Microsoft Tech Community

Custom assessments and standards in Microsoft Defender for Cloud for AWS workloads (Preview) - Microsoft Tech Community

Securing machine learning environments on Azure Machine Learning | Machine Learning Essentials - Microsoft Tech Community

Microsoft Defender for Key Vault - Deploy to Azure Synapse Analytics - Microsoft Tech Community

Automate your patching using Azure Arc and Azure Automation! - Microsoft Tech Community

Enable Azure Key Vault Purge Protection for TDE BYOK in Azure SQL DB and MI - Microsoft Tech Community

New performance and logging capabilities in Azure Firewall | Azure Blog and Updates | Microsoft Azure

Improve your security defenses for ransomware attacks with Azure Firewall | Azure Blog and Updates | Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Defender for Cloud: General availability updates for January 2022 | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure


Sentinel News

Microsoft Sentinel: Maturity Model for Event Log Management (M-21-31) Solution

Defending Critical Infrastructure with the Microsoft Sentinel: IT/OT Threat Monitoring Solution

Single Sign On Support for authentication in Microsoft Sentinel Notebooks

Run Microsoft Sentinel playbooks from workbooks on-demand - Microsoft Tech Community

What’s Next in Microsoft Sentinel? - Microsoft Tech Community

New! Normalization is now built-in Microsoft Sentinel - Microsoft Tech Community

Joint forces - MS Sentinel and the MITRE framework - Microsoft Tech Community

Microsoft Sentinel – continuous threat monitoring for GitHub - Microsoft Tech Community


Defender for IoT

Microsoft Defender for IoT - General Release Update - Microsoft Tech Community


Microsoft 365 Security (All Up News)

The 2-Minute Recap: Everything new with Security, Compliance, and Identity on Microsoft Learn - Microsoft Tech Community

The federal Zero Trust strategy and Microsoft's deployment guidance for all - Microsoft Security Blog

Security baseline for Microsoft Edge v98 - Microsoft Tech Community

Helping users stay safe: Blocking internet macros by default in Office - Microsoft Tech Community


M365 Identity & Device Protection (Azure AD, Intune)

Azure Identities and Roles Governance Dashboard At Your Fingertips - Microsoft Tech Community

Blog | New in Microsoft Endpoint Manager - 2201 | Tech Community

Achieving Zero Trust readiness in your apps #2: Designing for Least Privilege - Microsoft Tech Community

External Identities B2C supports Authenticator apps, and new data residency pricing - Microsoft Tech Community

Continuous Access Evaluation in Azure AD is now generally available! - Microsoft Tech Community

Join us to build solutions using Decentralized Identities - Microsoft Tech Community

CloudKnox Permissions Management is now in Public Preview - Microsoft Tech Community

Extend the reach of Azure AD Identity Protection into workload identities - Microsoft Tech Community

Run custom workflows in Azure AD entitlement management - Microsoft Tech Community

Azure AD Certificate-Based Authentication now in Public Preview - Microsoft Tech Community

Collaborate more securely with new cross-tenant access settings - Microsoft Tech Community

Decentralized identity: The Direct Presentation model - Microsoft Tech Community


M365 Defender (Defender for Office, Defender for Endpoint, Defender for Identity, Defender for Cloud Apps)

Announcing general availability of vulnerability management support for Android and iOS - Microsoft Tech Community

Protect your Smartsheet Deployment using Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps - Microsoft Tech Community

Zero-touch onboarding of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on iOS now in public preview - Microsoft Tech Community

Reduce time to response with classification (

The Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Security is now available - Microsoft Tech Community

All Microsoft Defender for Identity features now available in the Microsoft 365 Defender portal - Microsoft Tech Community

Detect active network reconnaissance with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint - Microsoft Security Blog

Microsoft threat & vulnerability management integrates with Vulcan Cyber - Microsoft Tech Community

Attack Simulation Training: User tags based targeting in simulations - now live! - Microsoft Tech Community


Compliance & Governance

Discover 3 ways to take a holistic approach to data protection - Microsoft Security Blog

Gartner® names Microsoft a Leader in the 2022 Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Information Archiving - Microsoft Security Blog

Azure Purview adds support for SAP HANA - Microsoft Tech Community

Quickly get assessment recommendations in Microsoft Compliance Manager - Microsoft Tech Community

Setting data access permission using Azure Purview’s Data Policy Feature - Microsoft Tech Community



Microsoft Security Webinar Schedule & Registration

Common Healthcare Attack Trends and How to Stop Them on March 8 – Teams Call, No registration

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Ninja Training: January 2022 Update - Microsoft Tech Community

What's new: Earn your Microsoft Sentinel Black Belt Digital Badge! - Microsoft Tech Community

Get Hands-On KQL Practice with this Microsoft Sentinel Workbook - Microsoft Tech Community

Build Securely with Azure AI - Microsoft Tech Community

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps Ninja Training: December 2021 Updates - Microsoft Tech Community

Microsoft Compliance Manager Ninja Training

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