Thursday, March 3, 2022

New Diagnostic: Teams and Exchange Hybrid Integration in the MRCA

Hi Teams Community,

It has been a while since our last post but we are very pleased to bring you our latest Diagnostic offering.  @João Loureiro has done it again this time bringing you a comprehensive Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer Teams and Exchange Integration test.  




This new Diagnostic is a comprehensive check of all things Teams and Exchange Hybrid.  If you use Microsoft Teams and you have an Exchange Hybrid (both Online and On-Premises) deployment, this new diagnostic is for you!  Not only can it be used to troubleshoot common Teams and Exchange integration issues, (Teams Meeting Delegation, Calendar tab missing, Teams presence not updating based on Outlook meetings, etc) but also to validate your Exchange Hybrid environment configuration to ensure it is ready for Teams users.


Examples of scenarios this Diagnostic can check for:

1) Scenario: Exchange on-premises REST or EWS endpoint not discoverable

Action: Troubleshoot Microsoft Teams and Exchange Server interaction issues - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

Result looks like:



2) Scenario: Exchange On-premises certificate not trusted

Action: SSL Certificate Trust Failure - Connectivity Analyzer | Microsoft Docs

(not pictured)


3) Scenario: No user mailbox

Action: Make sure the user exists in Office 365. If you use directory synchronization, make sure the user is being synchronized from the on-premises environment.

Result looks like: 



4) Scenario: Teams EWS/REST access disabled

Action: Control access to EWS in Exchange | Microsoft Docs

(not pictured)


And much more!


For best results, you'll want to run the test against an On-Premises mailbox (account) and an Online account to ensure Teams service can access both.  


Whether setting up Hybrid Exchange for the first time, or troubleshooting common issues with Teams and Exchange Integration, we hope you'll find this new Diagnostic helpful.  Please give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments below.  

One more thing, as you know the MRCA allows you to export the results to .xml or .html format using these buttons at the top right of the results pane, very handy when engaging w/ Microsoft Support or for your own troubleshooting purposes.  Be sure to check out fully expanded results for your Organization:



As always we welcome your comments, feedback and questions.  Got an idea for a new Diagnostic?  Issues with this one?  Let us know!

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