Friday, March 4, 2022

New White Paper- Recommended Practices for Oracle on Azure IaaS

I know this is a long-awaited white paper and I would like to get this out into the hands of the public to help those who simply want to know the recommended practices for successfully assessing, sizing, architecting and migrating Oracle onto Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).  


This white paper provides guidance from beginning to end that can be used by any organization to assess an Oracle workload and begin its journey to successfully migrating it to Oracle on Azure IaaS.  The goal is to centralize all the recommended practices into one document and yes, it will become a Microsoft document eventually, (we're still in the early stages or redesigning all the Oracle documentation for Microsoft) but the Data Architecture Blog provides me a quick way to get content to customers in a very easy and consumable manner.


This will also be linked in the upcoming SQLBits and MVP Summit presentations around Oracle to Azure Migration Strategy presentations, but this paper is customer available for all those ready to bring Oracle workloads to Azure.

Recommended Practices for Success with Oracle on Azure IaaS

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