Thursday, March 17, 2022

Secure your Medical Devices with Microsoft Defender for IoT


The evolution of Internet of Things (IoT) and its extension into the medical industry, Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), has revolutionized the medical industry. IoMT involves the connectivity of medical devices & hospital equipment, sensor-based medical technology, and device communication. The digital transformation in the healthcare industry is driven by numerous factors, such as new advances in medical devices, remote medical services and even home services due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Ultimately, the goal is to increase patient care by delivering advanced and high-quality healthcare services in a more efficient and effective manner.

Due to this digital transformation in the medical industry, cyberattacks on medical devices are on the rise, and manufacturers of medical and healthcare devices must incorporate security from the earliest stages of development throughout the full device lifecycle. This must be done through minimizing the attack surface of the device during the design stages, as well as ensuring that devices are continuously free of vulnerabilities. In addition, medical device builders must ensure that manufactured medical devices have inherent defenses against threats, and that they can be securely updated as needed.

Recently, Microsoft and global technology services firm HCL Technologies teamed up to create a high-performance, secured solution for medical devices, based on HCL’s CARE & Microsoft Defender for IoT.

Microsoft Defender for IoT offers end to end device lifecycle security including asset discovery, vulnerability management and threat detection for IoT & OT devices, and even includes a dedicated device manufacturing solution fit for creating secured IoT device from the design and manufacturing stage. Medical device manufacturers and solution operators can secure their IoMT devices using Microsoft Defender for IoT, which enables them to create secure-by-design, managed IoMT devices.

Microsoft Defender for IoT enables the following scenarios for device manufacturers:

  • Security Posture Management, including Regulatory Compliance (FDA, HIPAA): HIPAA Security Rule sets national standards for the secure maintenance, transmission, and handling of Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI), applying to both covered entities and business associates. FDA cybersecurity requirements alert medical device manufacturers and users for securing all legally marketed medical devices. To comply to medical & healthcare security standards, Microsoft Defender for IoT identifies and prioritizes misconfigurations based on industry benchmarks and software vulnerabilities that may arise.
  • Secure Your Devices from Design Stage: Create secured medical devices by-design, using our dedicated device manufacturing solution to scan firmware, receive hardening recommendations and security risk mitigation steps.
  • Asset Inventory: complete network topology visibility and full asset inventory, for full visibility into your medical devices.
  • Threat Detection & Response: Real-time threat detection and response for your medical devices, even after they leave manufacturing, to protect confidential medical information and lives at risk from cyberattacks on medical devices.
  • Integration with SOC Tools: Integration with Azure Sentinel as well as third-party SOC tools for unified IoMT governance and full supply chain visibility.


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