Thursday, March 10, 2022

Start for free Azure Data Explorer (Kusto) cluster

Ever since we launched Kusto externally as “Azure Data Explorer”, we looked for ways to make Kusto and KQL accessible to everyone – regardless of whether they have an Azure subscription. We envisioned people using Kusto for education (at school and universities), for hobbies such as tracking sports activities, gaming, and home automation, and in startups who can process and analyze the telemetry of their products and services.


To that end, we are excited to announce a new capability that will allow anyone who is interested in big data analytics to start using Kusto for free. To create a free personal cluster, all one needs is either a Microsoft Account or an Azure active directory work or school account. Each cluster has four vCores, 8GB of RAM, and ~100GB of storage (original data). The cluster may be used for any purpose for a period of one year, which will be automatically extended barring any changes to the program terms.


So go ahead and start using your own free Azure Data Explorer cluster. See instructions and the full description of this new capability, and feel free to share it with friends, colleagues, and family.

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