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Viva Connections & SharePoint Framework Community Call – 10th of March, 2022



Viva Connections & SharePoint Framework bi-weekly community call recording from March 10th is now available from the Microsoft 365 Community YouTube channel at You can use SharePoint Framework for building solutions for Microsoft Teams and for SharePoint Online.



Call summary:

  • Tune in each Tuesday for the Microsoft 365 platform community call.  Next call on the 15th of March @ 8 AM PT
    • Latest news from Microsoft engineering on Microsoft 365 topics
    • Mark Kashman, Lincoln DeMaris, Harini Saladi, Miceile Barrett – Fit and format Microsoft Lists for work and life 
    • Sébastien Levert - Building MGT apps with SharePoint
    • Q&A
  • Register for training events this quarter hosted by Sharing is Caring.  Next week:   AMA (Ask Me Anything) – PnPjs – Tuesday, March 15th, 9am PST and PnP SPFx Samples – Solving SPFx version differences using Node Version Manager – Monday, March 14th, 2pm PST
  • Register for the PnP Recognition Program.
  • SharePoint Framework v1.15 public developer preview is now available!  Hear about v1.15 beta features released today and in development.  v1.15 GA Release ETA - June 2022 
  • PnP project releases in the last two weeks:
    • SharePoint Framework – v1.15 beta
    • PnPjs – v2.13 & v3.1.0   
    • CLI for Microsoft 365 – v5.1 preview
  • 2 ACE samples were delivered in the last two weeks!  Your contributions are greatly appreciated by members of this community.

Latest project updates include: (Bold indicates update from previous report 2 weeks ago) 


PnP Project Current version Release/Status
SharePoint Framework (SPFx) v1.14 GA, v1.15 Beta v1.15 GA in June 2022
PnPjs Client-Side Libraries v2.13 GA, v3.1.0 GA

Note: v2.13 will be the final v2 release

CLI for Microsoft 365

v4.3.0 GA, v5.1 Preview


Reusable SPFx React Controls

v3.6.0, v2.9.0 (SPFx v1.11)

Reusable SPFx React Property Controls v3.5.0, v2.7.0 (SPFx v1.11)   
PnP SPFx Generator v1.16.0 v1.17.0 on the way
PnP Modern Search v4.5.4, v3.23.0  


The host of this call is Patrick Rodgers (Microsoft) | @mediocrebowler.  Q&A takes place as always in chat throughout the call.




Thank you for joining the call today and/or for viewing the recording.  Can anyone explain why seats in the middle are empty today?   You are not in an airplane.   Are the seats out of order?     



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    • AMA (Ask Me Anything) – PnPjs – Tuesday, March 15th, 9am PST
    • AMA (Ask me anything) - Viva ACE – Coming Soon
    • First Time Contributor Session – TBS soon
    • Community Docs Session – TBS soon
    • Power Platform Samples – First Time Contributor – TBS soon
    • PnP – SPFx Developer Workstation Setup – TBS soon
    • PnP SPFx Samples – Solving SPFx version differences using Node Version Manager – Monday, March 14th, 2pm PST
    • First Time Presenter – TBS soon
    • More than Code with VSCode – TBS soon
    • Maturity Model Practitioners – TBS soon (every 3rd Tuesday of month, 7:00am PT)
    • Getting Started with Viva Connection ACEs (2-part session) – TBS soon
    • PnP Office Hours – 1:1 session – Register
    • PnP Buddy System – Request a Buddy
  • Request a Demo spot on the call
  • Download the recurrent invite for this call –


  • My Emails Viva Connections Adaptive Card Extension – this Adaptive Card Extension (ACE) displays emails for the currently logged in user.  Walk through code to see how to get the current user’s email message from the Graph and render it in SPFx ACE Card View with previous and next buttons to navigate between emails.  Demonstrates how to modify Quick View to display email detail on click of any Email from Card View.   

  • Getting started with Microsoft Graph Toolkit and SharePoint Framework – use Microsoft Graph Toolkit (MGT) together with SharePoint Framework (SPFx) and custom templates to display agendas, files, tasks, messages and more.  Set up your environment - install mgt-spfx, mgt-spfx npm, and mgt React components packages.  Instantiate the SharePointProvider.  Finally, import selected MGT React components into your web part and grant permissions to SPO.   See how presenter uses GET component and renders results in custom templates.    

  • Using Microsoft Graph APIs in Viva Connection ACEs – learn how you can consume Microsoft Graph APIs within ACEs.  Use Graph in an ACE to read from and write to calendar.  Step through configuring webApiPermissionRequests in package-solution.json file, granting permissions via SPO Admin UI and consuming Microsoft Graph via SPFx context object (MSGraphClient) and binding the data to the UI of CardView(s) and/or QuickView(s).  Deploy solution with sppkg package with stated permissions requirements.  

SPFx extension samples: (
  • Processing entries, next call! 

SPFx web part samples: (

  • Processing entries, next call! 

PnP SPFx ACEs: (

* To be posted soon.


Thank you for your great work.  Samples are often showcased in Demos.    


Agenda items:


  • Demo 1:  My Emails Viva Connections Adaptive Card Extension – Siddharth Vaghasia | @siddh_me – 15:52
  • Demo 2:  Getting started with Microsoft Graph Toolkit and SharePoint Framework – Yves Habersaat (Sword Group) | @yhabersaat – 28:30
  • Demo 3:  Using Microsoft Graph APIs in Viva Connection ACEs – Paolo Pialorsi (PiaSys) | @PaoloPia – 39:56


Additional resources around the covered topics and links from the slides.

General Resources:


Other mentioned topics:


Upcoming calls | Recurrent invites:  


Viva Connections & SharePoint Framework bi-weekly calls are targeted at anyone who is interested in the JavaScript-based development towards Microsoft Connections, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, and also on-premises. Calls are used for the following objectives.

  • SharePoint Framework engineering update from Microsoft
  • Talk about PnP JavaScript Core libraries
  • Office 365 CLI Updates
  • SPFx reusable controls
  • PnP SPFx Yeoman generator
  • Share code samples and best practices
  • Possible engineering asks for the field - input, feedback, and suggestions
  • Cover any open questions on the client-side development
  • Demonstrate SharePoint Framework in practice in Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Teams or SharePoint context
  • You can download a recurrent invite from Welcome and join the discussion!

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Microsoft 365 PnP team, Microsoft - 11th of March 2022


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