Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Viva Learning news and feature update

As we celebrate the first year of Microsoft Viva, it’s exciting to see so many companies seeking to foster human connection, align on a sense of mission, ensure employee wellbeing, and retain their best people. These are areas of critical important for business of any size as we collectively navigate the new world of Hybrid Work.


Since Microsoft Viva Learning’s general availability in November 2021 we’ve seen how employee upskilling, growth, and learning is becoming a top priority for organizational leaders. If you missed it, make sure to watch our announcement at Ignite.


But as we look back with pride, we also look forward with excitement. And there’s plenty on the horizon to be excited about with Viva Learning! Below we have a set of partner announcements, early adopter evidence, and new resources to share.


Let’s get to the good stuff!


Partner Announcements


In addition to the Viva Learning partner integrations we’ve previously announced, we’re thrilled to add another big name to the list – Workday. With the planned integration of Viva Learning and Workday, we’ll deliver a personalized learning experience right in the flow of work with Viva and Microsoft 365. We expect this integration to be live in the coming months 


“Together, Workday and Microsoft will empower employees with a simpler, more connected learning experience in their natural flow of work for greater engagement and productivity.” 

          -Stuart Bowness, Vice President, Software Development, Experience Design & Development, Workday


We’re also pleased to announce that our existing Learning Management System (LMS) integrations have reached a new milestone with learner record and assignment syncing. This means assignments and completion records from Cornerstone OnDemand, Saba Cloud, and SAP SuccessFactors now surface directly in Viva Learning. This builds on our existing content catalog integration which provides users the ability to search, discover, recommend, and share content hosted on their LMS right within Teams.


For detailed setup instructions to integrate your LMS with Viva Learning, visit the Viva Learning docs page.




Finally, we’re excited to share that our integrations with Edcast and OpenSesame are live in Viva Learning! This means you can now import content libraries from Edcast and OpenSesame into Viva Learning so users can search for, discover, share, and recommend their content throughout the platform.  


In addition to the dedicated integrations mentioned above, we’re also hard at work building our APIs to deliver an open and extensible Employee Experience platform with Viva. Expect more details on Viva Learning APIs in the coming months.  




Early adopter spotlight – Music Tribe 


Music Tribe is a multi-national leader for professional audio products and musical instruments with operations across the globe. Recognizing the importance of learning in attracting and retaining talent, Music Tribe decided to prioritize the growth and development of their Tribers’ (employees’) by seeking a personalized, social, and easy to use learning system.  


Music Tribe already uses Teams, so bringing learning to their users within their existing platform was a key decision point to deliver an engaging, inclusive, and inspiring learning experience aligned to their core values.  


By deploying Viva Learning and Go1 together, Music Tribe employees are now able to define their own learning journeys in a social and collaborative experience – seamlessly integrated into their flow of work.  


“As part of our Vision "We Empower. You Create", we wanted to empower our Tribers (employees) by means of learning and self-improvement. We looked for tools that would aggregate content from different providers and deliver it to our Tribers in an easily accessible way. The Go1 + Viva Learning solution does exactly that, with Go1 bringing the content together and Viva Learning delivering it as a natural part of the workday. This tremendously helped our Tribers sourcing content while giving more time developing their learning pathways and making the most of their professional development on our Employee Experience platform,” 

          -Uli Behringer, Founder and CEO, Music Tribe 



“We are thrilled to deliver the world's largest workplace online learning library to Music Tribe employees in the flow of their work, via Microsoft Viva Learning. With Go1 and Viva Learning together, Music Tribe's employees are able to access relevant learning content from hundreds of different learning providers, all from the Microsoft tools like Teams that they use every day.” 

          -Andrew Barnes, CEO, Go1 



Data from Go1 shows that in less than a month from launch over 40% of Music Tribe employees engaged in learning content, well over the industry standard for levels of employee engagement in learning content. Read more about Music Tribe’s Viva Learning journey in Go1’s blog.   


New Viva Learning resources 


For a comprehensive product walkthrough, see our guide at aka.ms/VivaLearningDemo 

For setup and admin documentation, see our docs pages at aka.ms/VivaLearningDocs 

For the list of 125 free LinkedIn Learning courses included with Viva Learning, see this page 

For adoption guidance and best practices, see our new page at aka.ms/VivaLearningAdoption 

For overview and license and pricing, or to start a free trial, see aka.ms/VivaLearning 


Please add your questions and thoughts in the comments section and as always we will see you soon – learning in the flow of work! 


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