Monday, March 7, 2022

Yammer and Microsoft Viva working together

The scope of the disruption we have experienced over the last two years cannot be understated. We have learned how challenging it can be to connect people beyond their working groups, to both tap into resources, expertise, and knowledge elsewhere in the organization; and to contribute their own expertise and knowledge to others.


Organizations are investing in tools not only to empower people to be productive in the hybrid workplace, but also to deliver an employee experience that supports people’s well-being and growth.


It’s never been a more exciting time to re-imagine what work and the workplace can be. It’s more than a physical place; it’s a digital experience. It’s more than hybrid; it’s flexible. It's more than inclusive; it is people-centric.


People will thrive and succeed where culture, communications and engagement support the organization’s mission.

  • Culture guides people’s behaviors by establishing shared values and beliefs that are supported by reinforcement systems.
  • Communications align people by clarifying vision and progress toward shared objectives.
  • Engagement activates people to contribute their best selves to the effort.


What is Microsoft Viva?


Last February, we launched Microsoft Viva, our employee experience platform powered by Microsoft 365. Microsoft Viva empowers people and teams to be their best … by delivering modern employee experiences integrated into the Microsoft 365 apps people use every day, like Teams and Outlook.


Microsoft Viva launched with four modules:




These four modules provide new capabilities that are available to every Microsoft 365 user, premium innovations that can be added on, APIs to build custom solutions, and integrations with dozens of partners including popular learning management and human capital management systems. You can learn more about each of them here 


How does Yammer fit into Microsoft Viva?  


Just as within Microsoft 365, Yammer contributes much of the content, connections, and conversations within Microsoft Viva. Currently, this includes Viva Topics and Viva Connections 


Viva Topics Integrations 


Yammer Q&A (Questions & Answers) will be directly added within the Viva Topics Pages. When people visit the topic page, they see a list of curated frequently asked questions or they can ask questions directly on the page. An AI assisted routing will help connect people with the experts that can best answer their questions.  


Additionally, Yammer content will be pulled into the Viva Topic Card and Topic Pages. Yammer Networks must be in native mode for this integration to work in Viva Topics. Learn more about Viva Topics planned integration.  




Viva Connections  


Viva Connections is the gateway to your employee experience. It brings together news and announcements, conversations, apps, tasks, and resources in a single destination … so that people can get their work done and stay up to date with critical info without leaving Teams. 

The experience reflects your organization because you can brand it with your name, icon, and colors. And it is personalized for each employee because AI delivers feeds of relevant content, information, and resources. The organization can also tailor the experience for targeted employee groups—like frontline workers or people in specific regions or roles. Viva Connections and its experiences leverage the investments you have already made in Microsoft 365, including SharePoint, Yammer, Stream and Teams. 


The Feed in Viva Connections aggregates news and conversations into a single place where you can stay on top of everything you need to know. Content from across your communities in Yammer helps to power the feed. This includes: 

  • Conversations in the All Company Community 
  • Announcements from communities you are a member of 
  • Featured posts to public communities  
  • Conversations from communities you follow 


See a snapshot of Yammer and Viva from the Yammer Festival.:


Microsoft Viva Snapshot 

Looking ahead, Yammer will continue to integrate deeply with the Viva suite. Stay tuned to the Microsoft Viva blog and here on the Yammer blog to learn more  



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