Thursday, April 21, 2022

Azure For Academics- GitHub Resources and content


This site contains materials on Microsoft Azure that can be useful in teaching, both for faculty, students and individual learners. The content here has been created and maintained by Microsoft Cloud Advocates, together with University Relations team, and has been used in a number of top universities worldwide.

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Quickstart Videos

Introductory videos are 30 min long videos that introduce you to the concept of a cloud, show how Microsoft Azure can be used to create resources, and go into more details on Azure Machine Learning. Those videos can be easily distributed to students for self-study.

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Azure Syllabus

Introductory syllabus on Azure consists of three modules that introduce you to Azure platform (and walk you through creating an Azure account), to Machine Learning on Azure, and to working with Data (including relational and non-relational data).

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