Monday, April 4, 2022

Champion Management Platform version 2.1 is now available!

We are excited to announce version 2.1 of our Champion Management Platform! You can find out more information on the platform itself here and view the GitHub code here to get started on your upgrade or new install!


What's New?

Bug Fix: Addressed an issue with tournament ranks/points not getting updated correctly for some customers within the Tournament of Teams leaderboard.


New Feature: Multi-Tournament support within the Tournament of Teams module. Organizations can now have multiple tournaments occurring at one time

JoshLeporati_2-1649081560495.png JoshLeporati_3-1649081588498.png


New Feature: Introduced image preview feature for the Digital Badge module. Users can now preview their profile pictures with different badges available to them before applying it.




New Feature: Implemented the Digital Badge feature native to Tournament of Teams. Users can now use the Digital Badge feature without being added as a member of the Champion Management Platform. Only badges awarded through completion of tournaments with be viewable.




New Feature: Implemented an ability that allows admins to update the logo of the Champion Management Platform that sits in the top application bar. Admins will now see a new icon "Manage App Logo" under the "Admin" section in the home page of the App. Upon replacing the image in the SharePoint library, the new app logo will be shown. Please note this only shows in the app itself, the teams app logo if desired to be replaced would need to be done so through the manifest file.



New Feature: Implemented multilingual support for the application. English support at the moment however with this change we will be able to support new languages in addition to English soon!


Other Changes: Minor UI fixes.


Updates to Champion Management Platform v2.1 represents direct feedback from you, our community!  Please continue to provide us feedback and leverage these solutions to inspire and built on top of!

The Champion community is one close to our hearts, thanks for everything you continue to do! 



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