Monday, April 11, 2022

Coursera Course: Machine Teaching for Autonomous AI




Microsoft has partnered with University of Washington to offer a Coursera course on Machine Teaching. The Machine Teaching course is the first in a 4-course specialization on Autonomous AI for Industry:


  • Course 1: Machine Teaching for Autonomous AI
  • Course 2: Designing Autonomous AI (April 2022)
  • Course 3: Building Autonomous AI (May 2022)
  • Course 4: Design Patterns for Autonomous AI (June 2022)


Machine Teaching for Autonomous AI includes examples of real AI solutions implemented in industry and interviews with PepsiCo, Bell Flight, and NOV. 


  • identify problems where autonomous AI can make a huge positive impact

You can take the course for free or gain a certification for a small fee. Machine Teaching for Autonomous AI | Coursera

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