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Microsoft Community Champions Program - About Microsoft Q&A

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What is Microsoft Community Champions Program?


External technology specialists that contribute to the Microsoft Q&A community by delivering high-quality answers to technical queries are recognized through the Microsoft Community Champions program. They are the genuine 'champions' of the team. Our champions provide a hand by acting as moderators and suggesting ways to improve our platform and user experience. Both MVPs and non-MVP expert users are welcome to participate in this program.



As a thank you, Microsoft offers the following benefits to our members:

  • Top contributions to Microsoft's social media accounts are recognized.
  • Participation in monthly calls and direct access to the Microsoft Q&A team
  • Networking with other computer experts who share your interests

MVP members are eligible for the following incentives:

  • Microsoft's contribution to the Q&A section is being evaluated for the MVP Award's yearly renewal.

Non-MVP members are eligible for the following incentives:

  • Azure Connection Program provides early access to Microsoft product information.
  • MVP Award consideration

Special discounts

Members who have provided quality answers to 100 or more questions are eligible for special rewards:

  • In Microsoft Q&A, you can see who's on top of the leaderboard.
  • Moderator's rights


What is Microsoft Q&A?


Microsoft Q&A is a community-driven platform that provides quick, high-quality technical answers to people all around the world. For English users, Microsoft Q&A has taken the position of MSDN and TechNet forums. For non-English users, Microsoft Q&A will eventually replace MSDN and TechNet forums.


Why Microsoft Q&A?


We understand how critical it is for consumers to receive prompt and accurate responses to concerns concerning Microsoft technology. The MSDN and TechNet forums, on the other hand, are out of date. Microsoft Q&A delivers the set of features that our clients want and want, and it is built on a new platform and architecture that is strong, scalable, and dependable.


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What are the Top Microsoft Q&A features?


Microsoft Q&A is a Microsoft Docs technical community platform that delivers a comprehensive online experience in addressing your technical questions. Microsoft Q&A is a single platform that allows developers and IT professionals all around the world to access learning materials, post questions, connect with Microsoft technical and community experts, and exchange comments. Microsoft Q&A seeks to build a flourishing technical community where people can contribute their cumulative Microsoft expertise and get the answers they need to keep using Microsoft technology.

There are a lot of other features listed below that will assist you in better understanding Microsoft Q&A. Click on the link below and check the other good features of Microsoft Q&A.


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About Microsoft Q&A moderators


Microsoft Q&A moderators are Microsoft employees or community members who are part of a support team or a product group or who were active moderators in MSDN and TechNet and want to continue on Microsoft Q&A or active community members in Q&A who are making a positive impact. Most of part of their work is to answer questions or help the community.


There are two types of moderators on Microsoft Q&A:

  1. Microsoft moderators
  2. Volunteer moderators

Both Microsoft moderators and Volunteer moderators take part in the task of helping to support the community by:

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About Reputation points


Reputation points, as the name indicates, allow you to earn points for excellent contributions on Microsoft Q&A and utilize them to demonstrate your reputation to other users.


What are the methods for gaining Reputation points?


You may gain a reputation by first engaging in and positively contributing to the Microsoft Q&A community. You'll earn reputation points when people appreciate your contribution (for example, by someone acknowledging your response as right).

The table below displays the actions we track in the recognition system, as well as the points connected with them. Many activities receive zero (0) points; they are provided to help you understand what we consider to be high-quality contributions. It's also worth noting that not all of the activities indicated here will appear in your profile activity stream; for example, negative acts aren't displayed publicly.



Points earned

You sign in to Microsoft Q&A for the first time


Your feedback gets approved


One of the feedback you voted for gets approved


You have content reported for moderation


You had content reported for moderation and the moderator subsequently found it did not require action


You received a vote on a question, answer, comment, or feedback item


You accepted an answer to a question you posted


A user accepted your answer



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About Microsoft Community experts

Microsoft Q&A creates community experts for users based on their tags. When you obtain three Accepted Answers on a tag in a 30-day period, you become a community expert. When you become a tag expert, your user account will begin to follow that tag automatically. This means that if a question is asked with a tag that falls within your area of expertise, you will receive an immediate notice asking you to respond.

A "Community Expert" badge will appear next to your name on the response you submit when you are acknowledged as an expert on a tag.



  • Being designated as an expert on a tag does not grant you any more reputation points.
  • You can't call yourself an expert on your own.

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Microsoft Q&A Azure leader boards


Microsoft Q&A Azure Leaderboard is a place where top contributors in the Microsoft Q&A platform get special appreciation over the Microsoft platform as well as on social media channels like Azure Support Twitter handle. Apart from that Microsoft recognizes top contributors by providing incentives like moderator privileges on the Microsoft Q&A platform & gift cards.


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Participate in the program, nominate yourself


If you are interested in joining the Microsoft Q&A Community Champions program and helping shape the future of Microsoft Q&A, and If you would like to learn more and participate in the program, please apply here --



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