Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Microsoft Teams Emergency Operations Center Template Public Preview now available!

Introducing the Microsoft Teams Emergency Operations Center (TEOC) Public Preview 


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The Microsoft Teams Emergency Operations Center (TEOC) solution leverages the power of the Microsoft 365 platform to centralize incident response, information sharing and field communications using powerful services like Microsoft Lists, SharePoint and more. An open-source solution supported by Microsoft it provides core functionality out of the box or can be extended to meet specific agency requirements. 


Inspired by our support of customers around the globe during the pandemic and our own emergency response teams’ feedback we have crafted a template that is extensible, simple to utilize and capitalizes on your existing investment in Azure and Microsoft 365 without the need for specialized licenses.  Our public preview gives you the ability to utilize the template, provide feedback and help us continue to invest in this important public sector experience.    


While designed for public health & safety incidents, this configurable template can be used to structure a variety of activity types.  Using the Microsoft Graph it configures a team, a set of channels and other assets to your specifications.   





Major Scenarios for initial release (Public Preview 0.5): 


Centralized Incident creation & dashboard 
Create and respond to incidents fast and through a centralized dashboard. This helps allow all staff to maintain situational awareness. The dashboard enables quick creation of teams that deploy standard assets every creation requests. Editing of incidents allow changes to roles, status changes, as well as description updates.  


Role specific assignments per incident  
Create unique roll assignments that automatically trigger tag creation for easy and structured communications within the incident response team. Every member is automatically added to their corresponding role tag for new incidents as well as modifications to existing incidents.  


Records Management 
Adequately manage records for mission critical activities/topics. Provide stakeholders with the most important views needed for a response to log and coordinate response activities using tools you already have like SharePoint and Microsoft Lists 


Situational Reporting 
Effectively provide updates on a situation’s status via SharePoint News. Support tracking and reporting status for FEMA Community Lifeline leveraging tools and integrations like Microsoft Forms 


Notifications & Mobile App 
Provide notifications to the incident leads and partners in an emergency using tiered alerts from Microsoft Teams and other native app functionalities. The Microsoft Teams Emergency Operations Center also provides a mobile friendly app for on the go readiness. 


Secure and Controllable  
Built with the Teams SDK and leveraging Azure App Registrations ensure that the permissions and ability to create incidents and teams stays with approved users 


Get Started today! 


Find out more from the solution templates homepage at https://aka.ms/m365teoc!  Download and install the template and provide us your feedback here in the forum or via our Feedback portal.  Stay tuned for our upcoming training schedule and on-demand playlists for the template experience.    

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