Monday, April 18, 2022

MVPs Celebrate International Women's Day

This month, The MVP Blog is shining a spotlight on some of the community work our members are doing around the world.


Following International Women’s Day (IWD) in March, we wanted to highlight four women MVPs who have been involved in leading discussions on topics like personal growth, facing challenges and entrepreneurship.


To kick things off, Christina Liang, the Community Program Manager for Greater China, hosted a discussion called Her Future, Her Way. This event discussed the challenges women face in IT-related professional study, job hunting, and technology entrepreneurship. Held on IWD, the talk aimed to connect the next generation of women in tech across MVPs, startup founders, and students.


The event was broadcast live on Bilibili/CSDN with more than 100 participants. It is now available on-demand on Bilibili's Reactor channel.


Ning Chen, an AI MVP from Taiwan, participated as a speaker at the event. 


She described it as a “great experience” that allowed her to network with different groups of people. Moreover, the event hosted topics not only related to IT but also things like work-life balance. As the mother of two children, Ning found this discussion useful. 


“I learned a lot from the other women entrepreneurs and the young generation as we discussed our IT journeys,” Chen said.




Let’s now head down under to Australia and meet Elizabeth Pappalardo, Community Program Manager for the South APAC region. Elizabeth recently shared her story with other women about what’s holding them back (internally and externally) and how to stop it at the “Break the Bias: Turn your Self-Bias to Success” seminar.


Hosted by ASEAN MS Women in Tech, Elizabeth says she felt motivated to host this event because, having recently taken on the role of Community Program Manager, she wanted to connect with professionals and learn as much about their areas of expertise as possible. 


The key theme of bias-breaking allowed participants an opportunity to reflect and hear different perspectives on how women deal with bias. “Not just bias from others, but the bias we put on ourselves,” Elizabeth said. 


“We talked through ways of overcoming self-limiting beliefs to guide us in reaching our dreams and goals,” she added.

“I was excited to be part of the discussion for IWD and empower others working in tech, alongside our guest speaker, MVP Lisa Crosbie,” Elizabeth added.


Business Applications MVP Manonmani VS helped organize the event and said the vision of ASEAN MS Women In Tech is to "empower every woman to achieve more.” Manonmani said the event looked to help fellow women step out of their comfort zone and be part of an inclusive BizApps community across three key takeaways:


  1. Find your purpose, follow your passion, support others and take unique paths.
  2. Get out of your comfort zone to where the magic happens.
  3. What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?


“The success stories presented by Elizabeth Pappalardo and Lisa Crosbie, who made the big switch to BizApps, are very inspiring and an example of breaking self-bias,” Manonmani said. 


“Thanks to both of them for setting the stage and giving the confidence for others to break the bias and follow their passion.”

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