Friday, April 15, 2022

SharePoint Syntex Updates – Viva Topics integration and more

SharePoint Syntex uses AI to organize & manage content, optimize search and compliance, generate content, and improve your most critical business processes. Today, we’re proud to announce two integrations to make it simpler to turn content processed by Syntex into knowledge in Microsoft Viva Topics.


If you’re rolling out Viva Topics, you may already have a wealth of information in your taxonomy service (formerly "Managed Metadata Services" or MMS). To help you get started, we've integrated the Syntex taxonomy service with Topics. Syntex can manage and build business taxonomies automatically from the content you save to libraries across Microsoft 365. Then Topics can use those taxonomy tags to prebuild topic pages, and automatically attach tagged documents to the topic pages as new content is found and tagged. This feature was released in February 2022 and is tracked as Roadmap ID 82049.

Automatically build topics from the term storeAutomatically build topics from the term store



If you need extra levels of security for sensitive content, Syntex can automatically apply Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) sensitivity labels to content before it’s indexed by Viva Topics. Then you can pick sensitivity labels to exclude SharePoint sites and files from topic discovery. Any description or alternate names extracted from those files will also be removed from the AI-suggested topic. (Roadmap ID 82047 and 82048)


Once your knowledge is in Microsoft Viva, you can extend it to Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Yammer and more. Learn more in this week’s Viva Topics blog post.


Other updates coming in April:

There’s even more coming to Syntex as well.  The features below will roll out in April 2022.

  • Enable content types from modern library views - You can add content types from the gallery directly from the modern library view. (Public roadmap ID 88948)
  • Advanced search with custom columns – You can add custom metadata columns to the Syntex advanced search form for any licensed Syntex user-  (Public roadmap ID 88961)
  • Use taxonomy term sets as inputs for content assembly (“modern templates”)  (Public roadmap ID 88938)
  • Add extracted entities as new terms to an open term set - If no existing match is found, Syntex models will extend a term set automatically as new content is discovered. And you can use new terms to build new topic pages in Viva Topics. (Public roadmap ID 93230)
  • Refinement rules for document understanding extractor models – You can now add simple rules to select from multiple values or remove duplicates when multiple extracted values are found.  (Public roadmap ID 88952)

Refine extracted values without writing codeRefine extracted values without writing code


We’re excited to share these new and upcoming features with you and look forward to hearing from you – our customers and partners – on how they’re used in your content processes.  


Want to get started with Syntex adoption? Visit the Syntex Adoption Hub to get access to the resources help you engage and train your organization. Have a feature suggestion for us? Add your voice to the new Syntex community on the Feedback Portal ( . And finally, in the coming weeks, you will have access to an “in-product” survey using the industry standard NPS (Net Promoter Score) system.


We welcome your comments and feedback here on the Tech Community. Thank you.

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