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Well-being in Teaching and Learning – #TeamsEduChat TweetMeet on April 19

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Let’s have a global and multilingual conversation on Twitter to discuss Well-being in Teaching and Learning, and how Microsoft Reflect for Microsoft Teams, Microsoft solutions for social-emotional learning, and Microsoft Partner solutions can help you and your students to achieve more.


TweetMeet date and time

We look forward to welcoming you to the #TeamsEduChat TweetMeet on this topic on Tuesday, April 19 at 7am PDT / 10am EDT / 3pm BST.

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Discussion questions

We’ll discuss five questions. Now is a good time to start preparing your answers:
Q1. What does well-being in teaching and learning mean to you?
Q2. In what ways can educators discover their students' emotions?
Q3. How does an empathic and resilient classroom look like? Share an experience.
Q4. What social-emotional tools and resources encourage student engagement?
Q5. What are your top tips for educators to maintain their emotional balance?


What are TweetMeets at @TweetMeet?

TweetMeets are monthly, global, and multilingual conversations on Twitter around a specific topic relevant for educators. TweetMeets are also slow chats, which means that if our event hours are less convenient for you, you can join the conversation at a later time that suits you best.


How can I join?

The main account to follow is @TweetMeet, where we publish tips, challenges, and resources.

At event time, the @TweetMeet account will start publishing the five discussion questions 10 minutes apart. All participants can then respond to these questions from their perspective.

For TweetMeet best practices, check the introductory Sway at TweetMeet Starter Guide, embedded here:

TweetMeets are multilingual

Want to participate in the TweetMeets in your own language? You’re most welcome to.
Follow these steps:

  1. On Twitter, use the built-in Translate Tweet feature with any question tweet
  2. Click Retweet and select the Quote Tweet option
  3. Respond in any language

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How to learn more about this month’s TweetMeet topic

We have several tips for you:



Join the well-being TweetMeet webinar on Saturday, April 16

This month’s hosts invite you to join their webinar about Well-being in Teaching and Learning and the TweetMeets. It takes place on Saturday, April 16 at 10-11am EDT.


Mark your calendar with this *.ics calendar link. Alternatively, use the direct meeting-join link at event time.

Check your local webinar event times.


This webinar will be recorded.

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Introducing our hosts

After weeks of preparation for this TweetMeet, this new crew is thrilled to engage with you on their favorite topic of well-being in teaching and learning.


Check out their profiles, consider following them, and engage with their tweets through this month’s Twitter List.


Amanda Pickard (@AJOBPickard) – Primary Teacher & Digital Learning Officer from South Ayrshire, Scotland, UK

Passionate about leveraging digital technologies to support, challenge and inspire learners to develop confidence and independence.


Deepak Bhange (@Deepak0495) – Graduate Teacher from Nanded, India

I will be sharing futuristic technologies with my students in School, which will drive the change & demonstrate excellence in practice by bringing in voices from the field.


Ghada Hassan (@Ghadaalatrony) – Teacher of English and trainer from Benha, Qalubia, Egypt
Very passionate about using technology in education and helping students acquire skills needed for their future career.


Goh Kok Ming (@gohkokming2) – Primary Educator from Perak, Malaysia

Passionate in teaching and learning and loves learning with colleagues to incorporate technology into classroom.


Gurpreet Sandhu (@gurpreetsandh21) – Educator from Ludhiana, India

Passionate educator creatively integrating technology with the teaching learning process.  Bringing social emotional learning to use of technology has turned my classroom into an incredibly happy classroom.


Jarrad Strain (@JarradStrain) – Curriculum Leader for Maths and Innovation from Adelaide, Australia

Loves seeing students and teachers flourish through learning, playing and exploring with a focus on Mathematics.


Jose Durán (@JoseDurnCordero) – Infant and Primary Teacher from Badajoz, España

I fell in love with education when I started working and I realized that digital education and technology help to achieve the well-being of teaching and learning.


Kerry-Ann van der Merwe (@techieteacherZA) – Head of Department of Technology Education from Johannesburg, South Africa

This month’s topic is one very close to my heart! Students, who feel validated and valued, learn, become autonomous, and shine.


Kim Moyer (@KimberlyMoyer9) – Assistant Principal from Fontana, CA, USA

I love blending my passions of education and psychology. I am an advocate for change and value innovation and recognizing students' strengths.


Megan McBain (@MeganMcBain) – Training and Development Specialist          from Detroit, MI USA

Loves empowering educators and students to be innovative, creative and collaborative to enhance learning and develop meaningful relationships. Relationships matter in education!


Michelle Singh (@SinghNBCT) – School Achievement Strategist | Educational Consultant from Miami, FL, USA

Passionately works with educators to bridge cultural gaps and build more enriching relationships with students. When these student-teacher connections flourish, so does their well-being.


Quique Subirás (@quiquesubi) – Primary teacher from Jaca, Spain         

I enjoy and learn every day with my students. Convinced of the importance of sharing our experiences with other teachers, when we share we all learn and it has an impact on our students.


Ricardo Recinos (@TechTosas) – Technology Resource Teacher from Los Angeles, CA, USA

My passion is to make sure all elements of education are accessible to all students regardless of barriers such as language, socio-economic status, cultural, special needs, etc. #belonging


Sean McLaughlin (@Seanmc___) – Lecturer and MIE Fellow from United Kingdom

Passionate about technology – tutoring and supporting students to maximise their potential and to make positive progress towards their timely success and future study and employment. 


Teresa Magpayo Castro (@CastroCorner) – Technology Teacher on Special Assignment  from Los Angeles, CA, USA

I train and collaborate with educators all over the globe, with a passion for providing inclusive, innovative instruction for all students.


Wendy Huriaux (@Plugin2Learn) – Digital Integration Specialist from Lithia, Florida, USA

Encourages the innovative use of digital classroom technologies that engage learners with real world connections, cultivate curiosity and prepare students for success.


Spanish and Arabic language tracks this month

Thanks to our Spanish-speaking hosts Jose and Quique, and to our Arabic-speaking host Ghada, we are proud to offer this month’s TweetMeet discussion questions in Spanish and Arabic at the respective hashtags #TweetMeetES and #TweetMeetAR.


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