Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Announcing Intro to Tech Skills sessions at Microsoft Build 2022!

Announcing Intro to Tech Skills sessions at Microsoft Build 2022!




Once again, our premier developer conference, Microsoft Build, will feature a curated collection of sessions specially created for students and those looking to learn a new tech.  From May 24 through May 26, Intro to Tech Skills sessions will give you the opportunity to learn about new technologies or areas of interest, figure out which ones are right for you, learn what to expect and how to get started.  You’ll get a better understanding of how developer technologies and tools work along with learning resources that can help you further your career in tech.  And speaking of your career in tech, we have tips for you on that too!


Join our Intro to Tech Skills sessions and pack your developer toolkit with tools that you’ll rely on time and time again.


Session title


“Intro to Tech Skills”?  Tell me more! 


Find out about resources, programs, and upcoming sessions as hosts @SalmanMKC and @madebygps welcome you to 2 days of learning and fun for students and all learners. 


A peek inside the developer's toolkit


Get an overview of the common tools that developers use to write and share their code.  This session covers the basics of Visual Studio Code, GitHub, and more.


So many programming languages, so little time--which should I learn?


Hear a panel of experts discuss a variety of popular programming languages including C#, TypeScript, Python, and low-code programming.


"Hello, World!" in 3 programming languages


New coders, get a taste for a few popular programming languages and even see them in action.


A guided journey into AI


Learn the differences between AI, machine learning, and deep learning along with popular practices and tools.


Driving inclusion and accessibility with dev tooling and AI services


Learn how you can help build the future of inclusion and accessibility with actions you can take to incorporate inclusivity into your product.


Tackling the technical interview


Prepare for your technical interviews--hear the questions and coding problems you’ll likely encounter in your interview.


Microsoft technologies and the dev community: Who's building what? Get inspired!


Check out real-life scenarios created by students, MVPs, and Cloud Advocates with Microsoft Azure, Power Platform, and Microsoft 365.


Build your own resume website and stand out to recruiters


Create an impactful resume and create a website in this 2-in-1 session; come away with a resume published on your new website that you can immediately point potential employers to.


The New Developer's Guide to the Cloud


Kickstart your cloud learning journey.  We’ll look at cloud fundamentals from .NET to Java to Node.js to Python so you can start building on the cloud immediately.



We also have fun student-focused activities outside the sessions:

  • Minecraft time machine—build and share your vision of what your community or school will look like in 100 years!
  • AI match game—play our version of the popular card matching game using Azure Cognitive Services to analyze the tile images and identify landmarks, animals, and words, but here’s a warning—unlike the classic game, the pairs of images in our game are not exact matches!
  • Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge— Join the fun and compete against your peers while you learn new technology using Microsoft Learn's self-paced learning environment.


And make sure to tune in to the 2022 Imagine Cup World Championship on May 24 at 8:30AM PT during the keynote of Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella where you’ll find out which of the 3 remaining teams will take home the trophy and USD100,000!


We look forward to seeing you at Microsoft Build!

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