Monday, May 9, 2022

Turning innovation into a competitive advantage across industries

Digital innovation is transforming organizations, with emerging technologies such as IoT, AI, and other connected solutions addressing new challenges and creating competitive advantages for businesses across a range of industries.


Game-changing technologies, including sustainability-related solutions from Microsoft partner relayr, will be in the spotlight at the IoT Solutions World Congress on May 10-12. Global tech leaders at this event in Barcelona will show how IoT is impacting and rapidly changing industries. An estimated 16,000 visitors from 120 countries will hear from 250 speakers about security, connectivity, business optimization, intelligence, and customer experiences. They also will have the opportunity to talk with innovative leaders.


IoT is just one of the emerging technologies enabling novel solutions. In the manufacturing industry, IoT, cloud computing, and AI are powering predictive maintenance, automated quality assurance, and yield optimization to make factories smarter and more efficient. Microsoft and relayr will present at the solutions event on how their applications are further expanding the capabilities of these technologies. Erich Barnstedt, Chief Architect of Standards & Consortia for Microsoft Azure IoT, will demonstrate how manufacturers can report carbon footprint data generated by production processes. Jessica Poliner, the new CEO of relayr, will give a keynote address about the power of innovative business models.


Improving carbon reporting through data interoperability


According to the World Economic Forum, there is an urgent need for companies to address the challenges of decarbonization, particularly as manufacturing industries and construction are responsible for one-fifth of carbon emissions and consume 54 percent of the world’s energy resources. But obtaining complete and accurate carbon footprint data requires collaboration throughout the supply chain, which has previously been difficult.


But with Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, companies now have the tools they need to measure carbon generation in manufacturing, and data interoperability allows manufacturers to report their emissions across the supply chain. The Software-as-a-Service solution helps record, report, and reduce an organization’s environmental impact through automated data connections and actionable insights. Barnstedt will join a panel discussion on Digital Twins for Carbon Reporting at 2:15 PM CET on May 11 in Room 4 at the IoT Solutions World Congress. He will talk about the capabilities of the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability and the role of data interoperability.


Creating resiliency with Equipment-as-a-Service business models


Equipment-as-a-Service (EaaS) is fast gaining attention among industrial product manufacturers and their equipment suppliers. In the pursuit of more flexibility and the decline in sales of industrial equipment, there’s a growing focus on operational expenditure instead of capital expenditure. As a result, rather than purchasing five machines, manufacturers are now looking to buy three or four but use the capacity of the remaining one or two on an on-demand basis, allowing them to flex and scale with customer demand. IoT is one of the key enablers of this new business model, as it allows for remotely monitoring equipment usage and maintenance needs.


Relayr, a division of Munich Re, is a leader in EaaS and a sponsor of the IoT Solutions World Congress. The company’s EaaS offering is powered by Microsoft Azure. Jessica Poliner of relayr will give the opening keynote on the first day of the event at 10:30 AM CET on May 10 in the event location’s auditorium. Her address, “Equipment as a Service: Creating Value through Business Model Innovation,” will focus on how companies can become more resilient in today’s changing market by adopting an EaaS business model. She also will join a panel on the future of work at 3:30 PM CET on May 10 in Room 1). Additionally, relayr co-founder Jackson Bond will lead a breakout session on new business models for industrial equipment makers and servicers at 2:55 PM CET on May 10 in Room 3.


Continue the conversation with Microsoft and relayr


Microsoft and relayr also will host or welcome visitors to a few other events during the IoT Solutions World Congress:


  • Starting at 4:30 PM CET on May 11, the companies will jointly host a cocktail reception at the relayr stand. Delegates are invited to exchange ideas and share pain points with peers and experts.


  • Relayr will offer free one-on-one consultations at its stand over the entire event, providing individual guidance on how to achieve different business outcomes.


  • Finally, Microsoft representatives will join relayr officials at the relayr booth, Stand C361 in Hall 4, throughout the event. Delegates can meet Barnstedt on May 11 after his panel discussion that day.


Both Microsoft and relayr look forward to meeting as many delegates as possible at the event, and they have a limited number of tickets available for anyone interested in attending. Please register to claim a ticket and book your place at the cocktail reception.

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