Friday, July 16, 2021

Set Up a Free Microsoft 365 Developer Subscription Then Start Hands on With Viva Connections

HLS Show Me How.png  As I continue to deliver Microsoft Viva presentations to various Healthcare and Life Sciences orgs a recurring question keeps popping up… “how can I get my hands on Viva Connections, start working with it, and developing solutions.” If your organization does not have a test/dev environment that you can access Microsoft has a solution for you.

The Microsoft 365 Developer Center provides free subscriptions that provide the ability to set up a full Microsoft 365 E5 environment. With that environment Microsoft provides access to sample content and more. Subscribers can install SharePoint solution sites from, develop solutions, and set up/configure Microsoft Viva Connections.

In this HLS Show Me How I show you how to get started with your Microsoft 365 Developer subscription today.

This HLS Show Me How has 2 videos to help you get started.

Video 1 of 2


Video 2 of 2


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