Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Getting started with PnP Script Samples

Ever wanted to share your PowerShell or Bash scripts that you use to automate, deploy or manage Microsoft 365, those written with either the PnP PowerShell, CLI for Microsoft 365 or SPO Management shell...


Well now you can, introducing PnP Script Samples!


This is a site used for hosting contributions of your PowerShell or Bash scripts, allowing you to reduce the time to perform script based tasks with the Microsoft 365 services. Like other PnP resources, you can refer to this resource to leverage existing scripts to achieve your goals quicker and easier.


Script Samples - HomepageScript Samples - Homepage


Scenarios and Scripts

When working with Microsoft 365 using scripts, there is a scenario that you are trying to achieve, e.g. "Install a site design into the tenant" or "Report on Teams Private Channels".


In the community and from those provided by Microsoft, there are a variety of tools that you can use for the scenarios. The sample pages are designed to first describe the scenario and then provide one or more scripts across the tools e.g. CLI for Microsoft 365 or PnP PowerShell to achieve the goals of the scenario.


Each script is represented as tabs, giving you the option to choose the preferred tool and learn about how the same goal can be achieved by different tools.


Search and Filtering

Each of the scenario samples are bundled with metadata to allow for identification of authors - crediting you on your contributions, the type of operation e.g. reporting, provision, data, which tools the sample refers to and which Microsoft products the script targets.


Using the metadata, we can provide filters and search capabilities on the listing pages enabling you to search for the scenario and script.


Searching Script SamplesSearching Script Samples


Copy to Clipboard

We have introduced a feature within each of the script to copy to clipboard allowing you to quickly grab the sample to use in your preferred authoring tool. This is located top right-hand side of the script blocks:


Copy to Clipboard featureCopy to Clipboard feature


Clickable commands

In the scripts, there will be example usage of commands that each tool provides for the scenario. We have made it easier for you to learn about these commands, by automatically linking to the relevant documentation site.


Clickable Help for commandsClickable Help for commands


Few points about this feature:


  • if you use the Copy To Clipboard feature the links are NOT included - this is by design.
  • the commands are linked to the latest docs, this will not make clickable any retired commands.

If you are think a command should be highlighted and linked to the documentation please raise an issue in the GitHub repo.



If you would like to contribute to the samples, you are absolutely welcomed to do so, we have created guidance to help you. We are looking for contributions in the following areas:


  • Create a new scenario with a script
  • Update a scenario with an alternative script using another tool e.g. Adding a PnP PowerShell script to a scenario that only has CLI for Microsoft 365.
  • Feedback on the usability of the site, we are always looking to improve the experience.

In the repo, we are created a template submission folder and files, complete the readme, add any screenshots and submit your GitHub Pull Request, please contact us via issues list to communicate what your planning.


If you need any support or want to know how to use GitHub then we have a great programme to support new contributors.

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