Tuesday, August 10, 2021

How to start with ADX Aug 2021

Telemetry data is everywhere – we find it in IOT Sensors, logs, click streams – it drives advances in the connected devices we find in our homes, smart buildings, smart factories, and in devices that consumers and businesses rely upon. Azure Data Explorer is a Logs & Telemetry database for Big Data in NRT.


Here are some of my suggestions how to start the journey with Azure Data Explorer (ADX/Kusto)


  1. Courses
    1. MS Learn: Introduction to Azure Data Explorer 
      good overview that explains what ADX is, when to use ADX, and customer usages.
    2. Free online Courses:  TzviaGitlinTroyna_1-1628586168404.png
      good free short (up-to 4 hours) online courses (please don't forget to click on the "redeem this benefit" button to get the free access) 
      1. How to Start with Microsoft Azure Data Explorer
      2. Exploring Data in Microsoft Azure Using Kusto Query Language and Azure Data Explorer
      3. Microsoft Azure Data Explorer - Advanced KQL
  2. Exploration Cluster
    try it yourselves with a preloaded cluster 
    1. Help Cluster: https://aka.ms/adx.try
  3. Usage flow & Docs 
    1. Azure Data Explorer Docs
    2. Select your cluster & cost estimation: https://aka.ms/adx.cost
    3. create a cluster & DB 
    4. Ingest data
    5. Query (from SQL to KQL)
    6. Create a dashboard
  4. Community
    the product group is waiting for your questions and requests in one of the below 
    1. Twitter: @AzDataExplorer
    2. Tech Community Blog: https://aka.ms/adx.blog
    3. YouTube Channel: YouTube 
    4. LinkedIn
    5. Stack Overflow: Tags: Kusto, Azure Data Explorer, KQL

enjoy your journey




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