Thursday, August 12, 2021

Testing Tech blog posting - Please ignore

Final Update: Thursday, 12 August 2021 05:58 UTC

Final update - We've confirmed that all systems are back to normal with no customer impact as of M/D, HH:MM UTC. Our logs show the incident started on M/D, HH:MM UTC and that during the <duration of incident> hours that it took to resolve the issue X% of customers experienced <impact statement & metrics>.
  • Root Cause: The failure was due to <provide a transparent failure statement but don't mention specific technologies>.
  • Lessons Learned: <if there is chance of re-occurrence talk to the specifics on how we'll resolve and plan to monitor & respond while risk is active><Talk to the learning that we pulled out of this incident and will apply to avoid these failure types in the future>
  • Incident Timeline: X Hours & X minutes - M/D, HH:MM UTC through M/D, HH:MM UTC
We understand that customers rely on Application Insights as a critical service and apologize for any impact this incident caused.


Update: Thursday, 12 August 2021 05:57 UTC

second update - We continue to investigate issues within Application Insights. Root cause is not fully understood at this time. Some customers continue to experience . We are working to establish the start time for the issue, initial findings indicate that the problem began at . We currently have no estimate for resolution.
  • Work Around:
  • Next Update: Before 08/12 07:00 UTC

Initial Update: Thursday, 12 August 2021 05:54 UTC

Initial statement - We are aware of issues within Application Insights and are actively investigating. Some customers may experience delayed or missed Log Search Alerts and .
  • Work Around:
  • Next Update: Before 08/12 08:00 UTC
We are working hard to resolve this issue and apologize for any inconvenience.

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