Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Announcing the Microsoft Teams Vaccination Attestation Application

We are pleased to announce the availability of the Microsoft Teams Vaccination Attestation application (VaxApp). The Teams Application Acceleration for Government team created this application in response to President Biden's COVID vaccination attestation mandate.


The VaxApp is a PowerApps application, built as a Teams Dataverse app, which provides medium scalability to meet the immediate need of government customers looking to deploy a rapid solution. The VaxApp is fully customizable and is a low-cost solution for government organizations that already have Microsoft Teams deployed in their workplace. To address the needs of large scale government customers, the VaxApp supports upgrade to full Dataverse.

The VaxApp is available for download and deployment from GitHub, at the following URL:


What do I need to use the VaxApp?

The Microsoft Dataverse for Teams solution is for organizations that have Microsoft 365 licensing. Organizations can deploy it "as-is" or, customize it to meet their requirements. Dataverse for Teams has a 2GB limit for an environment (data) per team. If your requirements exceed 2GB of data either 1) deploy the solution to multiple teams or 2) archive/remove previous attestations based on your organizations retention policy.

What if I need to support more than 2GB and 1,000,000 Dataverse rows?

If the organization has Power Platform user or app licensing, the organization can upgrade the Microsoft Dataverse for Teams solution to the full Microsoft Dataverse. The benefits of the Microsoft Dataverse includes environment (data) size limit of 4TB.

Does the VaxApp work in GCC-High and DOD Tenants?

Due to current limitations with Microsoft Teams for Dataverse in these sovereign clouds, we recommend deploying the full Dataverse version of the VaxApp.

Does the VaxApp support uploading scanned images of vaccination cards?

Not at this time. We made conscious decision to provide a solution to support the President's mandate that scaled within the confines of Microsoft Teams for Dataverse. Scanned images can vary in size and quickly consume storage. Organizations are free to add this functionality - we recommend using full Dataverse to address storage needs in this situation.

How do I deploy the VaxApp?

We have a concise deployment guide in the wiki pages on the GitHub site. The following is a direct link:


How do I get support for the VaxApp?

The VaxApp is released as a community open-source project. However, we understand government customer's need for support. Please reach out to your Microsoft Premier Support representative for more details.


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