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Microsoft 365 Developer Community Call recording – 16th of September, 2021



Call Summary

Have a look at Microsoft 365 tenant – script samples gallery (84 scenarios and 111 scripts)Sign up and attend an event hosted by Sharing is Caring.  Have you signed up for the PnP Recognition Program?   Do it.  Project releases this week include Yo teams - generator-teams v3.3.0 Preview2, – yoteams-build-core v1.2.1 GA + v1.3.0 Preview and - yoteams-deploy v1.0.1 GA, and also Microsoft Graph Toolkit (MGT) v2.3.0 GA.  All key features in this release of MGT were contributed by the community!


Open-source project status:  (Bold indicates new this call)


Project Current Version Release/Status
PnP .NET Libraries - PnP Framework v1.6.0 GA, PnP Provisioning Engine Schema v202103 Prepping for Version 1.7.0 release
PnP .NET Libraries - PnP Core SDK v1.3.0 GA Prepping for Version 1.4.0 release
PnP PowerShell v1.7.0 GA 52nd nightly release*
Yo teams - generator-teams v3.2.0 GA, v3.3.0 Preview2  
Yo teams - yoteams-build-core v1.2.1 GA, v1.3.0 Preview  
Yo teams – yoteams-deploy v1.0.1 GA  
Yo teams - msteams-react-base-component v3.1.0  
Microsoft Graph Toolkit (MGT) v2.3.0 GA  

* Note:  While version releases are periodic, nightly releases are nightly!  Subscribe to nightly releases for the latest capabilities.      

There were 3 new script samples this week.  The host of this call was David Warner II (Catapult Systems) @DavidWarnerII.   Q&A takes place in chat throughout the call.





Microsoft Teams Development Samples:  (


Microsoft Power Platform Samples:  (

  • No new Power Platform samples this week


Script Samples:  (


Together Mode!




Picture time is back and it's a packed House!  Thank you for joining the PnP Community call today.   You're awesome!  


Demos delivered in this session

  • List Formatting Magic Tips & Tricks​ – create a list, add and format a location column.  Add a location with link to a map and then add multiple sub properties (street, state, country) under the Location’s name.  Add a weather column and formatting to display an image and details for weather.  When list items are updated, then weather entries will be updated.   Implement this today – get the address and weather samples.

  • Build your first conversational chatbot for Teams – create a new bot in Composer (use Core Bot with Language template), set up Language Understanding in Azure, install the Teams package into the new project (in Composer), add triggers to operate in Teams and to receive and respond to orders.  Conduct your Pizza business via an Adaptive Card and task modules.  Build task modules using Bot Framework Composer without writing (almost) any code!   

  • Updates on the Independent Publishing Connectors for Power Platform – beginning with a report on number of connectors delivered to date and in the pipeline followed by an experiential show-and-tell of the Yelp connector.   Yelp connector services – get business details, get reviews, search business phones and search businesses, allows users to search for business by location, phone, and product and more from millions of businesses across 32 countries.   

Thank you for your work. Samples are often showcased in Demos.    Request a Demo spot on the call –


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