Monday, October 18, 2021

Autofill your addresses and payment info with Microsoft Authenticator

I am excited to announce the general availability of autofill support for your addresses and payment info using Microsoft Authenticator.


Just like Microsoft Authenticator automatically fills your passwords (announced February 2021), it can now autofill addresses and payment info using your Microsoft Account. If you haven't already synced your autofill data on your mobile device, you can open Microsoft Authenticator, go to the Passwords tab, and start syncing your data today. Make sure you select Authenticator as your default autofill provider.


First, let Authenticator save your addresses and payment info

On Android, Authenticator will offer to save your addresses or payment info when you type them on a site or an app. Your addresses will sync across devices including desktop with Microsoft Edge and the Microsoft Autofill Extension for Google Chrome and can be filled automatically.


Mobile-save-address.gif Mobile-save-payment.gif


Next, use Authenticator to fill your addresses and payment info

On Android, Authenticator can now suggest addresses, payment info, and passwords you’ve saved to autofill on your favorite apps or sites.




On iOS, you can simply copy your synced addresses to apps and sites you visit. If you use Google Chrome on your desktop devices, you can autofill addresses and payment info using the Microsoft Autofill Extension, available on the Google Chrome web store.


All autofill data is encrypted on both the device and the cloud. In addition, every time you autofill payment info using Authenticator, it will require the same bio-gestures you provide for authentication.


Autofill syncs data using your personal Microsoft Account. It does not sync data with your work or school account (i.e., Azure Active Directory account). If you don’t see the Passwords, Payments, or Addresses tabs in Microsoft Authenticator, your organization may have turned off personal Microsoft Account-based autofill for its users. To learn more, click here.




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Alex Simons (@Alex_A_Simons)

Corporate VP of Program Management

Microsoft Identity Division



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