Monday, October 18, 2021

Enhanced Azure IoT Edge tools for development

Developing, deploying, and managing IoT Edge modules with Azure IoT Edge tools has never been faster, easier, or more secure. We have several Azure IoT Edge tool offerings which enhance developer experiences in both inner and outer loop.

Existing Azure IoT Edge tool offerings

Existing Azure IoT Edge tools provide best-in-class integrated experiences with Visual Studio Code or Visual Studio family. Whether you are developing, debugging, and testing custom IoT Edge or managing scalable and reliable production IoT solutions with continuous integration and delivery pipeline, the tool offerings help accelerate your development experiences.

  • IDE (Visual Studio Code or Visual Studio) extensions: Provide seamless development environment with IoT Edge solution template and integrated simulation of IoT Edge runtime to help debug custom IoT Edge modules
  • IoT Edge simulator: Provides a local development experience to create, develop, test and debug IoT Edge module. Removes a need to install and configure a physical device
  • IoT Edge Dev tool: Simplifies Azure IoT Edge development down to simple commands with the IoT Edge solution scaffolding that contains all the required configurations
  • IoT Edge CICD task: Azure IoT Edge task for Azure DevOps pipeline used to build, push, and deploy IoT Edge modules and solutions

Updates to the Azure IoT Edge tool family

Newly developed tools and updates we made to the existing Azure IoT Edge tools make the IoT Edge module development faster. Key enhancements are made to support various stages of development journey: Development environment setup, installation and configuration of IoT Edge, testing custom edge module, and scalable solution integration in CICD pipeline.


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