Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Microsoft Sessions at NVIDIA GTC 21 Fall Conference

Microsoft Sessions at NVIDIA GTC

This year’s NVIDIA GTC event is certain not to disappoint. The big buzz around cloud-based NVIDIA GPUs is the introduction of deep learning and AI capabilities. Having on-demand versatility by which GPUs can be consumed and transacted empowers greater productivity and efficiency for your most innovative workloads.


This year we are sharing examples of some of the most versatile GPU-powered resources anywhere in the public cloud, with a clear understanding of maximum cost-for-performance metrics. We’re focusing on three main application use cases for GPUs:

  • AI Supercomputing scale and performance
  • AI for machine learning, model training,  and inferencing
  • Edge Computing for hybrid scenarios, decoupled environments, and IoT device ecosystems 

Microsoft Digital Sessions at NVIDIA GTC

Microsoft will be supporting the following pre-recorded sessions at GTC this year.







Torch-ort Can Accelerate PyTorch Experiments on NVIDIA GPUs Using ORTModule

Manash Goswami, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft

Timothy Harris, Principal Architect, Microsoft


ZeRO-Infinity and DeepSpeed: Breaking the GPU Memory Wall for Extreme-scale Deep Learning

Yuxiong He, Partner Research Manager, Microsoft

Samyam Rajbhandari, Principal Architect, Microsoft


InfiniBand HPC Cloud Best Practices: Implementing Performance Isolation on Microsoft Azure

Gilad Stainer, SVP Networking, NVIDIA

Jithin Jose, Principal Software Engineer, Microsoft



Applying Foundation Models to New Business Applications

Keiji Kanazawa, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft


Automate Your Operations with Edge AI

Deepu Talla, Vice President & General Manager of Edge Computing, NVIDIA

Moe Tanabian, Vice President & General Manager – Azure Edge AI Devices, Platforms, and Services, Microsoft, Microsoft


Triton Inference Server in Azure Machine Learning

Shivani Santosh Sambare, Product Manager Azure Machine Learning , Microsoft

Klein Hu, Microsoft


What’s Possible and What’s Next for AI-powered Organizations

Mitra Azizirad, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft AI and Innovation, Microsoft


NVIDIA DLI Training Powered by Azure

Microsoft is proud to host the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute on its popular, instructor-led full-day online workshops covering AI, accelerated computing, and data science, all powered on Microsoft Azure.


The upcoming GTC is shaping up to mark a major leap forward in how GPUs are utilized for modern application and service development workflows.

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