Friday, October 1, 2021

September Update Blog

New Features: 

  • Improved Filtering: You can filter your tasks by Keyword, as well as Finish Date, Progress, Bucket, and Assigned to.

fancy filter gif.gif

  • Import .mpp in Project Power Apps: You can import your .mpp files directly into the Project in Power Apps experience.


Upcoming Features:

  • Allow Microsoft 365 users to provide progress updates on their assigned tasks: Users with Microsoft 365 licenses can mark their Project for the web tasks complete and change the percent complete for their tasks without a Project license.  
  • Critical Path: Users with Project Plan 3 licenses or higher will be able to highlight the tasks that affect their project’s finish date in the Timeline view. 
  • Different Dependencies: Users with Project Plan 3 licenses or higher will be able to add Finish-to-Finish, Start-to-Start, and Start-to-Finish dependencies to their tasks. 
  • Guest Users: Add guest users & assign tasks to them. Guest users can view projects and update tasks assigned to them.
  • Labels: Add Planner-like labels to your tasks in Project for the web.
  • Microsoft Teams Conversations for tasks: Add a Teams conversation to discuss a specific task with your team and tag your teammates in tasks within the Project app in Teams.



Last Month:

Question: Project for the web supports several different types of constraints on your tasks. What does the acronym FNET stand for when it comes to constraints?

Answer: FNET stands for Finish No Earlier Than


This Month:

Question: Users can add a project to their teams in Microsoft Teams. When was Teams originally launched?


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