Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Student Ambassador community voices: The world of tech: trends, tech for good, and more

This month, we asked our Student Ambassadors to tell us their opinions on the issues and trends in the area of tech and more.  Here are some of their thoughtful responses.


Responses have been edited for clarity and length.


How can technology change the world for the better, whether locally or more broadly?


The common replies were that technology makes our lives easier and that it connects and empowers people.


Technology has changed and improved our living standards a lot by providing benefits in business, communication, transportation, and entertainment. 

--Megha Vishwakarma


Technology has made our life easier and faster through multifunctional devices like smart-watch and smartphones.

--Nour EL Houda Attafi


Technology can change the world for the better by connecting and empowering people. Connecting people by providing unlimited resources for learning even in rural communities and empowering people by giving them access to learning so that everyone is empowered to help change the world for better.

--Mark Nhonny Rengel Garcia



How do you picture yourself helping to make that happen?

First by making myself familiar and comfortable enough with using and understanding the platform and its different aspects so that  I can be confident enough to make contributions. 

--Siza Adhikari


The first thing I can help with is spreading the word and making people more aware about the importance of technology in our lives. As a Student Ambassador, I can start with my community of students, and then the job community, and so on.

--Nour EL Houda Attafi


In our community, we have a outreach program that teaches everyone how to use the computer and gives them the skills needed. I volunteer myself to this because I want to share my skills.

--Mark Nhonny Rengel Garcia



Which tech trend are you the most excited about and why?

The answers were varied:


Virtualization. During the last 2 years, Covid-19 has shown that virtualization is not only important but essential in our lives. Without virtualization, we could have stopped learning, studying, and working. A lot of people would have lost their jobs if there wasn’t virtualization . It  is essential for the economy, health, social life, and communication . That is why focusing on improving the quality of digital meeting platforms is fundamental.

--Nour EL Houda Attafi


Accessibility technology because it empowers people who are physically challenged to do more and in an extraordinary way.

--Mark Nhonny Rengel Garcia


I’m always excited about the applications of Artificial Intelligence techniques and algorithms (Deep Learning, Machine Learning). The advancements in this field have empowered us to create novel solutions. It’s all about the data, and if you have the right data and curate it, it’s amazing how much you can get done by just using off-the-shelf algorithms. 

--Megha Vishwakarma



How do you think more people can be encouraged to get into tech?

Several suggestions were made as to how to promote involvement in tech.


Spark interest from an early age.  Tech companies need to reach out to schools and colleges and build relationships that can lead to entry-level roles. Dedicated school events, promotion on social media, more hackathons, tech fests, research competitions…

--Megha Vishwakarma


Through conferences, workshops, and live events where we show the benefits of being involved in tech and even give people the opportunity to see and live these benefits for a short period of time, for example, through hackathons.

--Nour EL Houda Attafi


As the saying goes, “ When in Rome, do as Romans do. “ Similarly,  if we want more people encouraged to get into tech, we must do it in their way!  The most successful companies and tech advancements that are leading the world right now let their users do the stuff their way so they can get comfortable and get the most out of it.  For sure the outcome will be encouragement for getting into tech!  

--Siza Adhikari


What do you think is the biggest issue or concern in the tech world right now?

The issues brought up most often were data privacy, phishing, and scamming.


It is said that data is the new oil.  Companies are mining our data to sell to advertising company to give us targeted ads and affect our perspective in life.

---Mark Nhonny Rengel Garcia


Nowadays, scammers are everywhere and in every field. Since the Internet, digital platforms and social media are accessible to everyone, and some people are expanding these benefits in the wrong way.

--Nour EL Houda Attafi


Data privacy and security.  There are lots of people who don’t know about advanced technology and can easily get scammed by the cyber attackers.  We have to train them.

--Megha Vishwakarma


Management of technology in our lives was also brought up as a concern.

People let tech control their lives instead of managing the resources that tech provides us to lift up our lives.

--Siza Adhikari


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