Thursday, November 4, 2021

Logic App Http pagination deeper look, build custom paging wrapper without loop


In this article I will talk how the Http action is doing the pagination on the json response.

there is some requirement to the http end point to be considered as valid pagination 

the response needs to be json

the response needs to have array named value and attribute named nextLink

Like the below diagram


The http action will check if the nextLink is exist and then make Get request to it 

It will stopped when there is no nextLink attribute in the response 



The http method for the nextLink  will be always Get regardless of the http action.


Building the Wrapper for ResourceGraph Rest 

The problem 

You want to call

As in the documentation Resources - Resources - REST API (Azure Azure Resource Graph) | Microsoft Docs


It has unique way to handle paging, first the json structure is not as recommended by the standard http pagination also there is something called $skipToken that also need to be passed in the next call.


The solution

I have built wrapper logic app that will action as proxy and convert the ResourceGraph response to paging enabled response 



In your business logic app instead of calling the ResourceGraph Endpoint you will call the wrapper logic app 




By adopting the wrapper concept, you will avoid implementing the until loop pattern since you will utilize the built-in pagination inside the Http action  


How the wrapper is working 







Initialize the next Link variable by getting the value from triggerOutputs()['queries']?['nextLink']

Because it will come in the query string 


Initialize the request body option

This variable either has the Skiptoken or empty 

Sample value when it is not empty 

  "options": {

 "$skipToken" :"abc="   







Creat the Http request that conset of the option (if it exist ) and the query 


Sent the request to the http end poit for the ResourceGraph 





Map the response to the standard pagination format 

And add the next Link attribute in case this is not the last request 

Note that I have a variable that hold the wrapper logic app url so I can build the next link 



How to use the solution 

Click on the button below to deploy the Logic app to your subscription  


Sample logic app templates in GitHub

Deploy to Azure: 




Cange the parameters

URL and Query

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