Tuesday, November 30, 2021

MSTICPy Hackathon - January 2022

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MSTICPy is the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center’s (MSTIC) Open-Source library of Python tools to help security analysts when investigating incidents or hunting for threats. As an Open-Source project MSTICPy is available to everyone via GitHub and is open to contributions to anyone. Since its release MSTICPy has had some great contributions from members of the community, both in the form of fixes and improvements as well as new features such as the recently added RiskIQ integration. However, we know that whilst many people want to contribute to an Open-Source project it can be a daunting prospect to contribute for the first time and knowing where and how to contribute is key.


MSTIC is a big believer in the power of community to help improve security for all so to help others in the community contribute to MSTICPy in January 2022 we are running the first MSTICPy Hackathon. During this month the MSTICPy team are encouraging anyone who wants to contribute to MSTICPy to get involved. Contributions can be in any form, whether its new features, improvements and fixes to current capabilities, or additional documentation.


To help community members know where and how to contribute to MSTICPy we are offering a number of helping hands:

  1. We will be publishing a list of contribution ideas via GitHub. These will cover a range of items, differing in complexity and effort required – from items ideal for first time contributors up to complex items for Python exports. You can find these on the Issues page:  https://github.com/microsoft/msticpy/issues
  2. We will be running drop-in hours where members of the community can drop in and ask the MSTICPy team questions, or get support on their contributions. We will be posting details of these drop-in sessions at the start of January.
  3. For those that can’t make the drop-in sessions we are going to be offering enhanced support for contributors via email at msticpy@microsoft.com. Whilst we offer support via this method at all times we are a small team so during January we are going to be upping our focus on this to ensure we get back to be as quickly as possible.
  4. For those community members that make a special contribution we are going to be offering some exclusive prizes as a way to say thanks!


To learn more about the Hackathon, and to get involved head over to the MSTICPy GitHub page: https://github.com/microsoft/msticpy/wiki/MSTICPy-January-2022-Hackathon

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