Thursday, December 9, 2021

Champion Management Platform version 2.0 is now available!

Today at the Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference we are launching version 2.0 of our Champion Management Platform! You can find out more information on the platform itself here and view the GitHub code here to get started on your upgrade or new install!

What's new?

Tournament of Teams

Enable the entire organization the gamification and learning experiences of bringing adoption themed tournaments for driving healthy usage around what your Champions identify for the organization! We have some great sample tournaments for you to start with or create your own!




Modern & Fluid UI

We have refreshed the user interface taking a cleaner and fluid approach to the design. Consistent colors and styling throughout the experience.





Multi Badge Support in Digital Badge utility

You now have the ability to upload and leverage multiple digital badges within the solution so different focuses or tournaments can have unique recognition. 



Connected Info / Help & Feedback

A new info pane with application information like version and information about the resources that power the solution to discover more. Additional links also to help discover where to go for help in deploying the solution and providing us feedback on what you would like to see next or changed! Several of the above enhancements come directly from your feedback so please continue to provide that!


Enhanced event recording

An improved leader board dashboard with updated record event functionality to more easily record multiple events and more easily elect different dates for capturing when you want to record those events for.


Component and Code Enhancement

Overall package component upgrades to latest stable versions and other app improvements to streamline usage and functionality throughout the experience.


The progression to our Champion Management Platform v2 represent a lot of work from the team improving lots of elements of the solution! It's the feedback from our community that helps us shape and deliver unique solutions like these, please continue to provide us feedback and leverage these solutions to inspire and built on top of!

The Champion community is one close to our hearts and thanks for everything you continue to do! Happy adopting!



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