Monday, December 13, 2021

Customer review: Datometry Hyper-Q accelerates database modernization to Azure Synapse Analytics

Datometry Hyper-Q for Azure Synapse Analytics, a cloud application available in Azure Marketplace, is a database virtualization software platform that enables enterprises to accelerate database modernization from legacy on-premises data warehouses to Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics at a fraction of time, cost, and risks associated with traditional migrations. 


Co-op is one of the world’s largest consumer co-operatives, with more than 2,500 retail shops and interests across food, legal, insurance, and funeral services. The company was looking to move its enterprise data warehouse, including business-critical workloads, to the cloud. However, a conventional migration posed enormous risk: the system involved more than 45 TB of data, 10,000 tables, and 885 scheduled data ingestion processes. The system also serves up more than 6,000 reports to over 1,000 office and field-based users. Co-op partnered with Datometry to modernize its legacy data warehouse.

Microsoft interviewed Charlotte Lock, Data, Digital & Loyalty Director at Co-op in England, to learn what she had to say about the product.


What do you like best about Datometry Hyper-Q for Azure Synapse Analytics?
The partnership and trust – they did what they said they could. Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics supported by Datometry Hyper-Q virtualization has allowed us to modernize our data platform in the cloud rapidly, supporting hundreds of reports and applications from our legacy on-premises warehouse without needing to rewrite the code.

How has the product helped your organization?
We looked at the benefits of the cloud vs keeping on premises and decided to modernize the legacy on-premises database to the cloud. The complexity was being able to keep our 2,500 locations operational. A lot of the IP around our legacy code has been written over the past 20 years, often with no documentation or historical knowledge. By virtualizing our retail analytics layer and making it cloud-native, we have been able to modernize our database and adopt cloud quickly. We avoided legacy application re-write and risks associated with it.

How are customer service and support?
Both Datometry and Microsoft developed a strong partnership with Co-op and provided excellent service and support throughout the 40-week migration of our legacy retail platform to the cloud.


The Microsoft data engineering team and the Datometry team have been phenomenal – they show up for any issue. Their expertise and partnership mean we got our dream engineering team delivering more than simply SaaS.

Any recommendations to other users considering this product?
Set aside enough user acceptance training (UAT) time. Flaws in our original data started showing up, and we were able to fix those hidden issues that only showed themselves through UAT.


Microsoft and Datometry said they could virtualize all our code for a seamless transition. We initially thought "yeah right." But Datometry and its clients were brilliant in giving us confidence. Now I can be the one to say I have been through it, and it works!

What is your overall rating for this product?
4.5 out of 5 stars.

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