Wednesday, December 29, 2021

December in HLS – Happy Holidays, FHIR for Azure, and Security Newsletter

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Welcome to the monthly Healthcare and Life Sciences blog recap, December edition. Check out the highlights below:



  • Reusable Search Control for FHIR: Learn how to create a highly reusable search form using FHIR. Read the post here.
  • Tackling Recursion in FHIR Using Blazor Components: Learn how to use self-referential components. Read the post here.  

Security Matters Newsletter

  • Get Updates on Microsoft Security: Interested in learning more about Microsoft security? Get the update here.


January's HLS Blog Contributors:



Sameer Doshi, Principal Cloud Solution Architect, Azure


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Jeremy Windmiller, Senior Technical Specialist, Security & Compliance




Thanks for reading and wishing everyone happy holidays!



Erin Spencer, Technical Specialist, Microsoft Teams

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