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Microsoft 365 Developer Community Call recording – 9th of December, 2021



Call Summary

Why not visit the Microsoft 365 tenant – script samples gallery (118 scenarios and 161 scripts) today.  Now there is support for Power Apps PowerShell scripts!  Sign up and attend an AMA and other events in December-January hosted by Sharing is Caring.  At the same time, sign up for the PnP Recognition Program. No major PnP project version releases this week, but much work is being done.  To see current releases and latest updates/nightly builds, access the Repos via the links in table below.  There were 2 new script samples delivered this week.  


Open-source project status: (Bold indicates new this call)

Project Current Version Release/Status
PnP .NET Libraries - PnP Framework v1.7.0 GA, PnP Provisioning Engine Schema v202103 Prepping for v1.8.0 - Winter 2022, .NET 6 support 
PnP .NET Libraries - PnP Core SDK v1.4.0 GA, PnP Transformation Framework: Public Preview released! Prepping for v1.5.0 - Winter 2022, .NET 6 support 
PnP PowerShell v1.8.0 GA In progress: V2 POC, Prepping for v1.8, nightly releases
Yo teams - generator-teams v3.5.0 GA v4.0.0-next
Yo teams - yoteams-build-core v1.5.0 GA  
Yo teams – yoteams-deploy v1.1.0 GA  
Yo teams - msteams-react-base-component v3.1.1  
Microsoft Graph Toolkit (MGT) v2.3.1 GA Preparing v2.3.1 release, working on v3.0.0 - Aligning all Toolkit components to Fluent UI Web Components


* Note:  While version releases are periodic, nightly releases are nightly!  Subscribe to nightly releases for the latest capabilities. 


The host of this call was David Warner II (Catapult Systems) | @DavidWarnerII.   Q&A takes place in chat throughout the call.




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      • Arvind Ravi - Latest with Microsoft Graph connectors
      • Nancy Wang - Script buttons for Office Scripts
      • Jay Hangan - Planning to build experiences for the US Government Cloud - what are the differences
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Together Mode!




The house is full!   Great seeing everyone today.   Coordinated stadium style wave rehearsals starting soon.   


Demos delivered in this session

  • Updates on Independent Publisher Connectors & Notion Connector Demo – 44 connectors in production, 32 in certification pipeline today!  The Notion Connector is used to access Notion pages, databases and users. Notion is a cross platform note taking application. Presenters step through copying content from a Notion page into a Microsoft List. Steps - create a new integration, make Notion page content available to API, create flow that extracts data from Notion page. 

  • What's new with Learning Pathways – overview of Learning Pathways, integration with Viva Learning, platform updates, making Microsoft training materials available in your tenant, configuring to expose certain content to your organization, and adding your customer’s training materials to a custom playlist.  All content flowing into Learning Pathways is flowing into Viva Learning. Translation - if you’ve invested in Learning Pathways, that content is being integrated into Viva Learning.

  • Using inline editing with list formatting – inlineEditField attribute – field targeted editing.  Scenario:  Track toy construction progress in a list where status is displayed in tile view format. Tiles show an image, randomization (Elf quote), and multi-level progress bar using images.  The inlineEditField attribute allows user to edit completion status field.  Supported and unsupported field types reviewed. Full code in sample. Part 2 of demo (setValue attribute) to be delivered on December 23rd.

Thank you for your work. Samples are often showcased in Demos.    Request a Demo spot on the call


Topics covered in this call



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