Thursday, December 16, 2021

Power Apps Community Call – December 2021

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Call Summary:

Topics covered in this month’s community call includes 2 demos:  Building Xbox games with Power Apps – (create an Xbox controller ready app) - Brian Dang (Microsoft) and Office like commenting & co-authoring (add commenting capability and Experimental co-authoring with git integration, to a canvas app) - Emma Cooper (Microsoft). Recent Power Apps News and Community Contributions (Visualize data in model-driven apps with Power BI (preview, and December Developer Tools Refresh)Charles Sterling (Microsoft).  Latest PnP Power Apps Samples – April Dunnam (Microsoft). This call was hosted by Todd Baginski (Canviz). The call was recorded on December 15, 2021.  Questions were addressed in chat throughout the call.  Thank for attending the call or viewing it on demand. 




  • Demo 1:  Building Xbox games with Power Apps – Brian Dang (Microsoft) | @mrdang – 3:03
  • Demo 2:  Office like commenting & co-authoring – Emma Cooper (Microsoft) | – 29:57
  • Recent Power Apps News and Community Contributions – Charles Sterling (Microsoft) | @chass – 50:59
  • Latest PnP Power Apps Samples – April Dunnam (Microsoft) | @aprildunnam – 54:55



  • Demo 1:  Building Xbox games with Power Apps – presenter steps through several apps and explains which Xbox sticks and buttons are used to navigate app.  Follow along and start to build a game. The process:  Set up environment, create a player with attributes, see techniques for moving the player around screen, refine movement using functions, and rotate player.  Games = manipulate a player inside a table.  Games are tables with skins.   Have a bug crawling around your screen in no time!

  • Demo 2:  Office like commenting & co-authoring – 2 useful collaboration capabilities. Add comments, reply to threads, resolve and delete comments, @mention people, and receive an email across Power Platform products like done in Office apps.  Roadmap for comments GA CYQ1’22, comments in Canvas apps CYQ2’22.   Experimental co-authoring with git integration available now (as experimental) in canvas apps.    Users intentionally decide when to publish/merge edits to shared document.  Update history stored in back-end. 


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