Thursday, December 16, 2021

Power Apps Community Call – November 2021

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Call Summary:

Topics covered in this month’s community call include demos Power Apps Christmas Calendar + Games (Advent calendar with engaging games unlocked on Dec 18th and 23rd) - Craig Gregory | @CrashLongJohns and Teams Provision Genie (Canvas app that simplifies the configuration and deployment of enterprise ready Teams sites) - Luise Freese | @LuiseFreese & Carmen Ysewijn | @CarmenYsewijn. Recent Power Apps News and Community Contributions (16 Power Apps announcements at Ignite and more)Charles Sterling (Microsoft) | @chass. This call was hosted by Todd Baginski (Canviz). The call was recorded on November 17, 2021.  Questions were addressed in chat throughout the call along with some live discussion.  Thank for attending the call or viewing it on demand. 






  • D1:  Power Apps Christmas Calendar + Games – a 12-month countdown to fun that begins in December.  Open a window each day, peeking ahead will not work.   On 2 days in December, play games - Capture the Reindeer on the 18th and Catch This Elf on the 23rd.  Game levels - easy, normal and hard.  Uses timers, location, duration, shuffle and many images.    Kid approved; the app will be published soon!

  • D2:  Teams Provision Genie - The Canvas app that looks like a Teams Native app, deliberately prompts a team owner through the entire provisioning process.   With support from Power Apps, Azure Logic Apps, Managed Identity, Dataverse (full), Graph, Deployment tools and Documentation Genie delivers a reliable, secure, informative, easy to deploy and truly enterprise ready solution.  The presenters’ step through the configuration of a Team that’s provisioned by Logic Apps.      


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